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Anything that is really worth something would be a rarity in today’s world with people who are going out deliberately searching for free bargains that they can flip to sell. You have to recognize the item as worth something. This attitude of taking bargains and flipping it for making cash has turned me off from even donating good items. I have come to the point that if I have an item that is possibly worth something, then I should see the monetary value in my pocket, so I would look for a person to evaluate and sell it on consignment.

Here are a couple of articles suggesting the best places to sell used furniture. Hope these are of value to you:

In the meantime you’ll wanna photograph them, be sure to highlight any cosmetic imperfections (scratches, nicks, dents etc. if applicable) also make clear if you expect the buyer to come pick them up or if you’d be willing to drop it off (most ads I’ve seen involving furniture/appliances, whether it’s for sale or free the buyer/interested party is expected to come grab it).

Hope this helps.

I haven't really tried this strategy too much, but the most 'for free' flip I've done was flipping clothing in an 'unwanted clothes' pile.

When I was in college, at the end of the semester, in my dorm, people would toss a bunch of clothes into an 'unwanted' pile, presumably to be thrown away or donated.

After I was done with my finals, I grabbed probably about ~40 lbs of clothing to flip the next day at a 2nd hand clothing store. Most of the clothes were rejected (and donated) by the store, and the rest that the store took, they paid us about $40 for.

It was a lot of hard work and not worth it at all - nowadays, it makes more sense (from a time perspective) for me to just buy things for cheap and flip it on ebay instead.

Your last paragraph says it all you have to have the time and effort to properly evaluate which is not what I see occurring in the market at all. People are using bot search and purchase to remove items off sales shelves and then quadruple plus the price to sell on EBay for easy profit.
Those who really look for real valuable items find out it takes a lot of effort and time.

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