So, I'm curious--now that Congress has got off their butts and passed a relief bill, what are your plans with your check?  I have been working to pay off credit card debt, so hopefully the check will give me a little extra to throw at it.  That said, it is tempting to buy $600 worth of video games or pad Thai, LOL.  I'm currently laid off from my jobs at a restaurant and a hotel, but have SSDI coming in, thank God.  I also have a check from a client who owes me big in the mail.  And I just checked my emergency fund and there's enough to pay April's credit card debt payment.  Also filed for unemployment, but the pay is half what I make and I'd rather be working anyway.  Hopefully this will lift soon and we can all go back to work!  Stay safe, everyone!

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From what I understand, the stimulus package only passed in one house and is being voted on today in the other so it's kind of premature to be spending it already. 

@BeckAtsila I'm sorry to hear you're going through tough times, but it sounds like you already have a plan, which is great. @Savingsmama is right — this hasn't been passed yet, but it's widely expected it will happen tomorrow. Still, a lot of experts say we may not be getting checks until May, so we definitely shouldn't start spending them yet!

I'm probably going to save a good part of my check, which is what the government doesn't want us to do, of course. But having the extra cushion in my savings account will make me feel better about starting to spend again. So I might be more willing to go out for lunch or replace the purse that my dog chewed up during our time in quarantine together. :-) Hopefully by the time checks arrive, more local businesses will have reopened so we can start supporting them.

What is everyone else planning to do with their checks?

Whenever I get it, I will save the majority. I will absolutely not be using it toward my debt. I think I'll be able to continue to pay my debt but if I can't, I will be calling creditors for hardship help. My focus is a larger emergency fund.

Recent news states the stimulus check will be available to those who qualify no later than April 6th. I am still debating what to do with mine. I may pay off half my credit cards with half of it and use the other half of it for savings as these are unpredictable times.

My wife and I have put our stimulus into our emergency fund. We can never have too much in there. Our only real debt is our car and our home. We may have to buy some tires at Discount Tire, and it's so good to have the deferred interest for large purchases so that we can pay over a period of six months w/o penalty.  It's helped us greatly over the years. 

Good for you! I plan to do the same. With this uncertainty, I am doing my best to annihilate debt and move. I am setting my sights on my move to be in about three months. This isolation heightened what is important. So, I am working to leave and pursue happiness.

I wish the same to everyone. Life is short! 

i'm going to invest it! the way thingz are lookin and going now days its best to invest so that our money can stretch and multiply. my billz are paid up four months in advance.

@Malcolm Huneycutt I believe that would be a wise thing to do. I've been interested in getting an E-trade Acct again and going for it, but I just haven't been that into the internet over the past few months. Too much negativity for me, though I try to be positive, and I want to avoid things that irritate me, ie, fake news, false narratives from the media and gov't, especially in my own state. So, I wisely stay away and let my financial advisors handle it.

Hello Malcom! I hear you! But you have to rise above the riff-raff.

If you already know how to invest, or know finances. Do what you think is best. No one knows better about your needs. Nonetheless, if you rather save it for a rainy day that is also fine. 

Wish you the best!

My husband and I will add to emergency fund and tithe 10%. We only have a small mortgage ($53,000) and zero consumer debt. 

@Veronica My wife and I have been blessed to see our mortgage come down over the past two years to a manageable $77K. Not the payoff of course, but, it will do for now. We add extra every month to both escrow and principal. It's helped greatly, and we look to have the house paid off in 10-12 years if not sooner. Our only other debt is our automobile. We've been blessed. We tithe as well and God's kept HIS promises. I'm thankful for that.


You are very smart to pay down your principal, that is what we are doing to our HELOC, my husband makes the monthly payments and I add what I can to the principal, it works wonders. We are anticipating paying this off in 1 year according to my calculations. Interest is 3.25%, variable.

@redcatcec I'm so happy for you. We want to refinance, but they want us to jump through too many hoops. We're still at our original 6.25% FHA, but we're beating the thing silly. It's going down like smooth liquor!   We might eventually refi, but when the restrictions and this Covid 19 thing is over. Banks are jumpy right now, even if you've got enough to pay cash. I've not seen it like this since the 1980's under Reagan!


We haven't gotten our check yet. I'm not sure what we will do with it because we don't have any mortgage and very little consumer debt. With just the two of us here at home we don't spend very much money, and with being in this lockdown we don't even go out often. We have not ordered takeout from any restaurants since this started (actually we very seldom go out to eat).

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