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I am lucky that I never need to plan for Christmas, all I ever do seeing as my children are all adults, is ask them will a check be good enough and they reply back, Dad you don't need to spend your money on us, I say are you sure, they say yes Dad we're sure, then I say that is fine by me. That has worked for me for the past 12 years now.

P.S., I am normally at work during that time of the year.

Welcome to PH.

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Now that I am retired and no longer have a Christmas Club through work, I just put aside the same amount of money (less than what I used to when employed). The kids are all grown and we wish each other a Merry Christmas and send an online card, no need for gifts. I have enough to do a special project around the house, take a short vacation trip or use in case of an emergency. The saving are Nov to Nov.

I have a Smarty Pig account. I currently have three goal accounts. I make a monthly contribution and the money gets divided up as per your direction. Every November, when the Christmas account is funded with my goal, I receive a deposit into my regular bank account. I have another for grandchildren's college and another for vacation. You choose your goal amount and when it's reached you get the money. You can always withdraw sooner if you need to.  Oh, and you get interest!!!

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