Hello community. I am trying to increase my earnings through investment. I remember reading that a $50 investment was a way to break into Real Estate Investing. Does anyone know which website offered this option? Thank you.


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SANDYNYC I've never heard of $50 investment but
it my be out there.

I know there tax learn where you just pay the taxes that
the person owned and hasn't paid and the place is yours.

All so i know there some kind of auction for land or
homes but can't think of what its called.

I no this probably didn't help you but its all I know.

Hi Sandy, I am not sure what specific website you may be thinking of but I have been investing in a REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) that allows you to get started, I believe with as little as $50.

Shares are $5 each and you can make monthly purchases and you earn dividends on a monthly basis.

The site I use is called Rich Uncles.

I am not aware of any other "Real Estate" investments that let you get started for $50, I know there are others out there that require $500 to get started.

If you are interested in investing, I have used quite a few different investment apps that let you invest with a small amount.

I would be happy to share more info with you about the ones I recommend if you are interested.

Hope this helps!

@BJLEE so far I have had no issues with Rich Uncles. I set up my initial deposit and set it to deposit on a weekly basis.

Every month they pay me dividends in the form of a 6% annualized return and I have it set to automatically reinvest the dividends.

By doing this, the amount I get in dividends goes up every month.

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