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Hey there, everyone! Can you believe it is almost halfway through March? This year is flying by. We did peek at the standings for who may become the new MEMBER OF THE MONTH. Remember, the winner will receive a $25 gift card of their choosing.  We calculate the winner based upon the most engagement - helpful comments, likes on topics, and an overall friendly face in the community. Everyone is doing fantastic, keep up the great work! 

Original Post
Pauly1740 posted:

Hello all, As a new member I'm glad to know that I'm not alone looking for ways to earn in a positive way. Being a bit on the senior side of time I'm glad that there are many younger motivated individuals who I can talk to about strategies and best practices.

There are so many options @Pauly1740. You want to start with what you love doing most. And then build from there. 

Bonnie Squires posted:

DEON CHRISTIE so very true what you said. Because if you
don't like what your doing your bound to fail at. 

Oh I see you took over 3rd place.

That I did @Bonnie Squires. But I notice you keeping up...hehe. I think @Moore Income is a little too far ahead to! As a tip, I find that posting topics and questions contribute nicely to points. Or rather the engagement on those posts.

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