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FreebiePharm posted:

Sounds great in theory, but that seems like a high return! Not sure if anyone has experience with this. Not sure if I personally would feel comfortable with direct depositing my earnings into a bank associated with an app. 




I am going to try it out. Unfortunaetly - there is alot of stipulations. For example, i must continue the direct deposit for 90 days. and the 17% will only be based on your FIRST direct deposit.  you must also keep up to 90% of that amount in your account.

Just to give an update. I signed up for the program and called in periodically to make sure i was in good standing. I never received any email confirmation on the program or status.

Then when i was suppose to recieve the payout. i called in to inquire. the representative unfortunatly dont know much but told me a supervisor would get back to me. I recieved a vague email telling me I wasnt qualified. I called to find out more information and the supervisor explained to me about the fine print and even though it is worded in a confusing manner the program has ended and the only thing they can do for me is give me points to redeem a $25 giftcard.

I gave her feedback on the program and let her know and example should be placed in the fine print and/or their representatives should be trained more on their campaigns so they also can relay down information to customers who inquire to see if they are in good standing.

P.S. sorry for the typos

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