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Chuck posted:

Hey all, Chuck here, I am  63,disabled with heart and gut issues, bit I still get around pretty well. I'm looking to supplement my income with work from home jobs.I have and will work part-time at a local job that suits me. Let's share ideas!


Hi @Chuck,

Pleasure making your acquaintance, and thanks for reaching out. Let's first look at the "tools" you have to work with. Because I have been working my way through the options (swamp), of making money online since 2012. And I must admit, the real pitfall is that not everything works for everyone. 

It is of utter importance you first find what works for you. Do you have some writing skill? What is your level of Computer skill? Online is the perfect place to turn your skill (knowledge) into a little side income.

What is the one thing you love doing most, and have the most knowledge on. Let's start there, and perhaps together we can find something that will work for you. I can offer you 1000 different training programs and options to make a little money online. None of which may work for you if we head in the wrong direction. 

Remember that you have 63 years of knowledge, and everything after 50 is pure Wisdom in my opinion. You have an arsenal of ability, and in that also an unfair advantage. All we need to do is find how to turn all that into a little side income for you. 

Hi Chuck,

I suggest looking into My Employment Options, a partner of the Ticket to Work government program that assists with employment opportunities for those on SSI/SSDI. They have a specific section for work-from-home jobs: https://www.myemploymentoption...inimum-requirements/.

If you don't qualify for those positions, I also suggest looking at The Penny Hoarder's work-from-home jobs portal. We post a lot of part-time remote jobs there as well.

Good luck on your job hunt!

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