I've seen this question allot and all so been asked this question myself.

My answer has all ways been no. When I took married it was for in
sickness and death do us apart.  That's 39 year tougher

We have raised 8 kids  most of this time husband was disabled.
We even at one time had our grand kids and there mom dad staying with us.

My husband worked up till he was about 40 years old, Thank his
health started getting bad. Now he 63 and has been threw allot
in the last year he quite smoking had 2 stents put in going to have
to get 2 more done my have lung cancer.

With me I became disabled in August 18,2010 I've what you
call essential tremors. My voice goes from normal to a child's
voice and than can't speak at all  than my hands shakes and my
legs go up and down and my arms do to. These can last for 10 minutes
or longer.  Just about any thing can triggers. I'm on 2 meds for them rite
now going back to the doctor this month think he my up my meds.

Sorry this is so long but I just wanted ever body to see a different side
of things.

Paying credit card debit off. Side hustles.
Saving money,coupons.
Bonnie Squires

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My immediate answer would be "NO I would not leave"... but it is easy to say that.

Unfortunately, the world we live in is a lot more focused on "me" and when it comes to relationships, it is hard to find that level of commitment.

I believe it is the right thing and only thing you should do to stay with your partner. But it will require a lot of sacrifice.

I have a lot of respect for people like yourself who are willing to make that sacrifice! Like I said, it is a rare occurrence in this day and age.

I watched a movie once based on a true story of a guy who stayed with his wife and took care of her when she had Alzheimer's and completely forgot him. That is true commitment, dedication and love.

For me personally, I can say no beyond a shadow of doubt because I know the level of commitment I made before I got married but it is something that everyone should really take into account before getting into a serious relationship.

@Moore Income  i agree with what you have said about people
really take into account before getting into a serious relationship.

There not many people that would stay and i find it sad. My husband
is still the same man i met 39 years ago just his health is bad. He all so
had the start of Alzheimer's. That isn't easy to deal with but its a part of
life that I would not change.
My husband tells me god sent him an angel when he sent me.

Because of my up bring and things i been threw in my life
I've been told by so many I should right a book. I wouldn't 
no where to being to do this.

I always hate when people say I know you didn't sign up for this or I didn't sign up for this. Yes, you did. If you took marriage vows, you did. Sickness and health, richer or poorer means what it means. We don't get to say, well, I didn't think it would be this bad so it's null and void. So does not work that way. I always wonder to myself about those who have left their disabled/ill partner, are they perhaps in the belief that they themselves will NEVER ever get sick? What goes through someone's head I wonder? I'm 15 years younger than my husband so I already expected at some point that I would be taking care of him as he got older. Guess what? Life threw us a curveball and at the young age of 38, I got hit with a debilitating chronic illness. No cure. No risk factors. Nothing I could have done to prevent it. Nothing I can do to cure it. My wonderful husband has been so supportive even as it turned our lives upside down. But that's my point. Imagine if I had left him because of some of his issues that he's been dealing with and then found myself alone and then got hit by the diagnosis. Some people call it Karma. I guess it's just really life. None of us are getting out of here alive so to have that selfish "I'm the only one that matters" attitude is probably pretty dangerous as there's no guarantee that you will just get to go on and live your life and will never get sick or need somebody in the future. 

No I wouldn't 😂. But lets face reality. Apart from religion and what other people say about marriage vows and the rest, it's very hard to watch  the person you love not being able to carry out normal daily activities because of some mental or physical impairment. No normal person with a good heart will run away like that, unless you never loved the person from start. But No matter how righteous a person is, there's no way the thought of leaving that person won't come to mind, because you'd think of all the things you don't get from your patner and the things you can from another person . It will come, but just because you want to fulfil all righteousness, You strive hard to see that your patner is given the best medical help needed . But either ways, I won't still leave my patner. 

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