The particular channel I used to test this particular method. Was only launched Thursday 28 February 2019. And did result in far better results than I have anticipated. With YouTube Video, target keyword placement and the Hashtag plays an important role to getting exposure. But that's a topic for another time.

Now I’m just going to briefly explain exactly what I have done. To leverage Google Ads and YouTube showing actual sales in my ClickBank account. Because to do a step by step from new channel design to video creation and optimization. Is just not possible in a single post. Because the key is not to have your affiliate link as a redirect on the Google Ad. But rather the URL to a specific video.

The Cloaked URL to your affiliate offer must be present in the Video Description. And with sufficiently Compelling Content your visitor will click on the Link in the Video Description. So be sure your content address a specific need. Or you may just run into that “Zero Results” wall.

If you would like to know how to turn content like a blog post into a video? Then just leave a comment and we can get into that. I’ll be happy to show you the free method I use.

From inside your YouTube Channel Studio. You will see the arrow next to your video thumbnail displaying under “Videos”. 

YouTube Stats

The drop down menu will present a few options. Click on the “Promote” prompt and follow the steps to access Google Ads. 

YouTube Video Stats

Inside Google Ads you will be asked to provide the link where you want the visitor to go. Which is where you enter the URL as shown below. From your Video Editing Dashboard. 

YouTube Creator Studio Stats

Pay attention to the settings inside Google Ads. And target the Top Tier Countries. And also the right Age Group of your Audience. Take your time to learn your way around Google Ads. Because when done right, this will generate affiliate sales. 

Have you used other methods to generate affiliate sales?

Care to share with the readers? 

Leave a comment and let's add valuable hints for Entrepreneurs. The Penny Hoarder is about Making and Saving Money Tips. So let's compliment the site with authentic methods. Please NO SALES PITCHES. Only useful Content.

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Moore Income posted:

That is an interesting way of doing affiliate marketing that I have not come across before.

Just curious to know, did you do this personally and what were your results?

It's just one of many tactics I develop and use to get converting web traffic to affiliate links @Moore Income. I'm a bit of a research junkie, and quite fascinated with the concept of making money online. I love creating my own path and put together new methods and tactics.

And yes, I did test this for myself. And out of generating around 300 video views on one video called "Money From Home with Affiliate Marketing YouTube Wake-Up". 

I had just under $26 in affiliate commission from 5 sales. Which roughly calculates to a conversion rate of around 1.7%. I spent around 150ZAR which is roughly around $10. That's an ROI of 160%

I had to get "YouTubeWakeUp" in there as that's one of the current trending hashtags on YouTube. This traffic method works, but then like with any other attempt to online sales. The presentation and first impression is what turns a visitor into a buyer. 

Bonnie Squires posted:

I find this very interesting. My be later on some time 
we can chat.

You're always welcome @Bonnie Squires. Must be honest in saying I developed this method through pure curiosity. And just researching my way through some YouTube and Google tools. Hope to share more unique and exciting traffic tactics in future, here on Penny Hoarder. 

P.S - I noticed you took my 3rd spot, congratulations. You're definitely in the right place and at the right pace. But I will be catching up 

Thanks @Moore Income, must admit it was better that I expected. Actually the link in the video description is an affiliate offer. But also a membership I use to own the first two URLs in the video description. Because I prefer to promote that which I know for a fact works. I'm truly impressed by the two sites included in the Membership.

Basically the one site is much like a live chat where the visitor is guided toward an appropriate offer. And the next is to a very well designed blog with video and free downloads. I quite enjoy this tool (Membership) because it played an important role in generating the sales. 

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