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Forum: Taxes
7 Essential Rules for Claiming a Work From Home Tax Deduction I'm grinding to the finish line, and this was a reminder for me to check on some things.Read More...
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How much do you tip movers?

Between myself and family members, I have moved a lot. In fact, tomorrow I’m helping a family member move, and it will be the eighth move in five years. I’m no longer at a place in my life where I can put my body — or my friends’ — through lifting furniture and heavy boxes (although I’ve become something of an expert at packing boxes and crates), and some of these jobs are simply too big. So, I’ve always employed professional movers. In my opinion, hiring movers is well worth the cost, but...Read More...
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Credit Score Went Down Dramatically

Forum: Credit
I've had credit challenges all my life due to the combination of student loans and public interest jobs that didn't pay well or sometimes not even on time. About five years ago, I started my own business, and it's thriving. As a result, I've been able to pay off all my credit card debt, pay off one of my car loans, and haven't had a late payment in many years. For the past 18 months, I've routed most financial transactions through cards whenever possible to get points or miles, and then pay...Read More...
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Best investment strategy for a young adult?

Forum: Investment
My 18-year old son has a little extra money (approx. $1,000) and I'd like to get him started on some savings and investment strategies. He started with a six-month CD but the current rates are so low the profit was minimal. Are there any suggestions for a better method to have him earn some interest on that money?Read More...
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6 Easy Ways To Make Money with Micro Jobs in the Gig Economy

Forum: Make Money
Making money from home has become increasingly easy thanks to the growing sensation of the Gig Economy. Not only has remote work, and work-from-home jobs given people more flexibility in their schedules, it’s also opened the floodgates of new work opportunities we couldn't previously imagine. As many employees find freelance work more opportunistic, and lucrative, many are now stifled by the number of choices they have when it comes to small, or micro-jobs they can easily complete from home.Read More...
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Life decisions

Rich Mara
I’ve worked hard and come to a point in time where I have to make the decision to leave the job I’ve been at for 25 years and start focusing on my health and family. Question being I have a 401k with my company and don’t know what the next step could be in continuing retirement investing while after leaving with 401. *note 401 not where it need to be for retirement. Looking for advise tyRead More...
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Used Upstart to consolidate some medical debt

Forum: Debt
I find so much useful information from Penny Hoarder. As soon as I heard in late February that interest rates would be rising, I used Upstart to consolidate medical debt and got an interest rate that was less than half of that from my cards. I read about Upstart in Penny Hoarder. I considered Fiona, but Upstart was easier and faster (they deposited funds the very next day) to work with, and they waited for me to unfreeze my credit reports. I've been freezing my credit reports since around...Read More...
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Declining Dollar

We are living in unprecedented times. Never before has the dollar bill in our pocket been attacked from so many forces beyond our control. We are witnessing the destruction of our money. And, most people have no idea that this is happening. A world war, a collapse in the financial system - all will have devastating effects on our retirements. Can the moderator of this site elaborate on what IS happening, and, what we may expect going forward? I have NO IDEA how digital currency will take...Read More...
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Hi, Recently a collections debt that I have been repaying monthly has dropped from my credit report. Just last month the collections agency contacted me by phone stating they wanted a payment by a certain date (which was within 5 days of the call) or my file would be sent for referral to an attorney. There was no way I could make what they were asking for in that short amount of time. Do I keep paying monthly like I have been(I am in Maryland)? Should I wait and try to negotiate a settlement...Read More...
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Has anyone used Fundrise or DiversyFund for real estate investing?

Forum: Investment
I've been thinking about trying one of these 2 funds to dip my toes in real estate investing but I can't find much information (opinions) on people's experiences with them. My financial advisor was "so-so" about them. "Play with them if you want but don't put the bulk of your retirement in them." So I'm hoping that some people here have some experiences to share with these two. Thanks!Read More...
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Is a 5.9% raise enough in 2022?

Dear Penny
Greetings, everyone! Social Security checks will be 5.9% higher, starting with the batch of payments that go out tomorrow for people whose birthdays are between the 1st and 10th of the month. (Here's a quick roundup of the major Social Security changes for 2022: If you get Social Security: Is a 5.9% raise enough for you? The COLA will add $92 to the average retiree's check and $76 to the average disability check. But for a...Read More...
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What’s Your Go-To Hack for Household Chores?

Forum: Save Money
Janet Keeler
I don’t know about you, but the space under my kitchen (and bathroom) sink is full of products that I may have used just once. So many things to clean up so many messes, and yet they all seem to be collecting dust. Recently I learned that white vinegar can open clogged drains, baking soda cleans grout and the stains from coffee mugs, and peanut butter banishes the fishy stink from cookware. And I always have white vinegar, baking soda and peanut butter on hand. Why do I need to spend money...Read More...
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What to do with my tax refund

Forum: Taxes
Hi everyone! I am shocked that I'm actually getting a return this year, just under $600. My question to everyone is - what should I do with it? Pay off my approximate $200 credit card debt and invest/save the rest? Put the remaining amount into my Roth IRA? For context, I have a pretty healthy emergency fund. Thanks for the feedback!Read More...
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Budgeting Tips: How to Financially Plan for a Vacation

Forum: Budgeting
Daniel Moyanda
Vacations are a great way to refresh and relax. In addition, research has shown that taking a vacation can improve your mood and lessen the symptoms of conditions like high blood pressure and depression. In essence, taking a vacation could literally save your life. However, vacations can also be costly, and many people have trouble sticking to their budgets when on vacation. We don’t want to come back home having spent more than what we initially planned on. Here are some tips on staying...Read More...
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Do You Pay Your Kids For Chores?

Nicole D.
I want to set up an allowance system for my 7-year-old, so she gets some hands-on personal finance experience, but I can't seem to decide on how to carry it out. As a kid, my parents never gave us money for chores, and I've developed the mindset that keeping the house tidy is just something you do as a member of the household, not something you do for a monetary reward. However, my grandfather did give us money for getting good grades. I've come across some other interesting ideas around...Read More...
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Easiest Way I Make Money Blogging

Forum: Make Money
Carrie Kay
I am not your typical run of the mill blogger. I don't follow the rules. I write how I want, about what I want and don't miss a single view of someone who doesn't like what I say. I don't write the stupid long posts about how I found a certain recipe. I read one and after 5 lines I scrolled to the recipe. My finger stopped the scrolling at a point where the writer stated after he had sent his family and friends on a scavenger hunt throughout the house looking for this recipe, I had to stop...Read More...
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