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Financial Fitness February: Day 4 (And a Money Saving Tip)

Forum: Save Money
Moore Income
Day 4 of February wasn't too crazy for me, here's what went down financially: 1.) More "Investments" In Items to Resell - I am trying to make a point to get around to all the major retailers in my area since getting back to Fargo. I am trying to get a good amount of inventory as I work towards making reselling my biggest source of income in 2020. Now is actually a great time to be doing this I have found as most stores are running winter clearance trying to get rid of all the left over...Read More...
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Stash has a promotion

Forum: Investment
Celia R dubin
I started with stash investing after reading a penny hoarder article on it and choosing between that one and other robo investing apps. I have really liked investing with Stash. They changed their fees to $1/month for the basic amount, no matter how much money you have in the account. (It was more in the past if you had more then$5000 in your account.) Stash now has a nice promotion. Sign in to their "party" every day at 4pm est to get a small fractional share of a different stock everyday.Read More...
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Financial Fitness February: Day 6

Moore Income
Today was a pretty quite day for me but there were a couple things that had a small impact on my finances. 1.) Sold another Lava Lamp This has been a very consistent seller for me. This last sale puts me at 50 of this same lava lamp sold since the listing went live in June of last year. It's only a few bucks profit every sale but it is mostly hands off since I listed it and set it up to be promoted. The way eBay works, the more sales you get on an item, the more they will promote it and in...Read More...
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1099 VS. Employment

My workplace is being bought out by a corporate company and my position is being dissolved. The doctors I work for are potentially offering me a 1099 Contract position that will be somewhat of a promotion for their private company outside of the corporation. This job would be a promotion to a management position. My employers are not trying to avoid taxes or avoid paying me benefits, although I would be losing benefits. I was offered a comparable position as an employee by the corporation...Read More...
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I will be debt free in 2020 - What are the smartest ways to manage money now?

I've spent my life drowning in debt just like the typical American. Luckily, I've managed to get a hold of my finances with the help of my supportive spouse as well as simply moving up in pay grades at my job. According to my big plan I will get myself completely debt free this year. But it almost feels like I'm at the door of a plane about to jump. You're excited to feel free but also experiencing moments of panic because freedom is such a foreign feeling. Who am I without debt? Without the...Read More...
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pay bills on time

Forum: Budgeting
we have been married 42 years and are retired. we leaned early to pay our bills in full when they came due. also, be bold. call the utility or phone co. insurance, etc.and tell them your due date does not work out. 100% of the time they gave me a date that fit our budget. Early we lived on my income only. when my husband, in school, could work, that went in savings. when he graduated and worked full time, we started our family, and i worked part time. my income went to savings. savings paid...Read More...
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Life Insurance

Forum: Insurance
I am almost 70 years old, and planning for the inevitable. I have a savings account with more than enough to cover my burial expenses,etc. If one of my children is the executor of my estate: 1) do I still need to purchase term life insurance; 2) should I put that person as a joint signee on that particular account; or 3) should I set up a living trust?? Help!!Read More...
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Extreme Couponing Tips to Add More Money Into Your Wallet

Forum: Save Money
We should cut back on our spending habits as the world's economy is increasing at a fast pace. If we don't save today, then we can't build a financially stable future. And saving means creating a strict budget and spending the bare minimum strategically until your debts are satisfied. One excellent way to maximize savings is to follow the tradition of using coupons while shopping. Coupons are one of the most authentic money savers that warrant savings. But how can you use them strategically...Read More...
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This week’s Community Announcements 1.21.20

Hi everyone, Hope everyone has had a great week. Thank you to everyone who joined our first Dear Penny live Q&A! We had a first in the community this week with our live Q&A! The Penny Hoarder’s Senior Editor and voice behind the personal finance advice column Dear Penny, Robin Hartill joined us to answer all your questions about credit card debt. The live Q&A is closed now but the forum is still available to our community, so if you missed the fun this week, you can go back and...Read More...
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Financial Fitness February

Moore Income
Last year this time I did a challenge where I shared with you all a daily tip I was trying to apply in my life to improve my financial wellbeing. February tends to be the month for me I tend to really get back on track with my finances. Because of that, I have decided to call it Financial Fitness February and I will once again be sharing with you the healthy financial steps I am taking. This time however, I will be sharing just the things I did each day that have an impact on my finances in...Read More...
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My husband has stage 4 esophageal cancer with a very short life expectancy. We just received an inheritance of $200,000 when his mom passed. This comes in the form of two inherited IRAs. We are trying to figure out what best to do with the money. We're in our mid-50s. We have about $7500 in credit card debt, a $14,000 car loan and two kids who we would like to give about $10,000 each to. Our mortgage is about $139,000 and has 15 years left. I'd also like to put about $20,000 in an emergency...Read More...
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buying a home

Forum: Credit
Lorna L Julien
I am a single mom with 2 grown sons at home, both with medical issues. I was raised with the belief that if you didn't have the cash, you didn't need it in the first place. So, no credit cards. I had one, years ago, just to see what it was like. NEVER again would I have one. I got into to debt too easy and it was difficult to get out of. I have been renting a house for 20+ years and have the opportunity to buy a house that is within my budget. my credit is not all that great but I have been...Read More...
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Best penny pinching app

Forum: Save Money
Aaron M Hughes
So i dont know if you guys and gals have ever used the app called "digit". It is a little miracle worker. You attach it to your bank account and it learns your spending habits. Then every day it will take a small portion out. You can set the limit. Its 2.99$ a month but trust me it is worth it. You can create different things you want to save for and name them and it will divide your dividend that it takes into each folder your saving in. I have a "rainy day", "graduation ", and "student...Read More...
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Help with credit score

Robin Osmun-McGill
Hello, I was wondering if anyone could direct me or has any information about how to remove things off my credit report. For example, one of my primary questions is how to I get my name taken off a mortgage I have no title to, without costing me any money? I have been divorced for 14 years, and every time I try to apply for a home, a car etc..This shows on my credit score as on going. I have no claim to this property, but they want $1000 for me to be taken off. My ex won't pay for it to be...Read More...
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Drastic Score change!

Forum: Credit
Jerri Ucantstopme Cherry
Hello, we recently bought a house at the beginning 2019...bought a car at the end of 2019. Score was over 700 AFTER car purchase...we were late on our credit card payment (once) and paid the late fee...then I needed to upgrade the car we had; requested credit was given approval for $35k...dealership ran HARD credit...decided it was not a good deal. Now score has dropped almost 200 points!!! OMG, I almost fainted...what the heck happened? We worked so hard to get up there...and the simulator...Read More...
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