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Hey Runners! Here Are a Few Ways to Save Some Cash

Forum: Save Money
Joshua Pramis
There’s a misconception that running is a cheap hobby. Truth be told, it’s anything but. Between the shoes, wicking clothes — garments made of fast-drying material, essential for avoiding injury from chafing or blistering — assorted gear, and race registrations, it can add up… fast. I’ve easily spent thousands of dollars in the last four years (when I really kicked up my devotion to the sport), and today was reminded by my Garmin Connect app that it’s almost time for another big spend: two...Read More...

The Cost of Renting

Forum: Save Money
Did you know that more than a third of American households are inhabited by renters? For those tenants, navigating the relationship with a landlord can be tricky. But renter's have rights (they vary by state and local jurisdiction). Learn more about general renter's rights , and learn tactics for negotiating lower rent (yes, it's possible!). And be sure to check out the interactive graphic below to see the cost of renting across the U.S. We want to know: How much of your income goes to rent...Read More...
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How much do you tip movers?

Between myself and family members, I have moved a lot. In fact, tomorrow I’m helping a family member move, and it will be the eighth move in five years. I’m no longer at a place in my life where I can put my body — or my friends’ — through lifting furniture and heavy boxes (although I’ve become something of an expert at packing boxes and crates), and some of these jobs are simply too big. So, I’ve always employed professional movers. In my opinion, hiring movers is well worth the cost, but...Read More...
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How Do You Beat the High Cost of Spices?

Forum: Save Money
Janet Keeler
Hello fellow cooks and cook wannabes! My name is Janet and I am a senior editor here at The Penny Hoarder. For a long time before I came to The Penny Hoarder I was a newspaper food editor, which means I cooked and baked a lot for stories and photos. I still do a lot of cooking but, wow, the cost of spices keeps me from making some recipes. I don’t know about you but I get sticker shock when I look at the prices in the spice aisle. A small container of poppy seeds for $4 or more. Almost that...Read More...
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Community Update: New Posts From Last Week

Hi! I’m Sushil Cheema, an editor at The Penny Hoarder, and I help run Community. This week, I want to highlight a few posts in the forum that ran last week: Do you pay off your credit card balance every month? A survey asking just that drew in more than 200 responses. You can add your own response until 9 a.m. EST tomorrow . On Wednesday, we posted a graphic about the 70/20/10 budgeting method (read more about it here ). Some comments were about the high percentages of income that people are...Read More...
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Are cheap travel options really worth it?

Forum: Save Money
Joshua Pramis
Hey all! I’m a writer here at The Penny Hoarder and want to take a few minutes to talk about traveling on a budget. Whether it’s been out of necessity or simply my frugal sensibilities, I’ve always looked for the most affordable way to get from point A to point B, even if it came at the expense of my comfort. My thought being: I’d rather have a little extra in my pocket to spend on food and experiences. This all stemmed from my previous life as a New Yorker. Living in one of the most...Read More...
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This week's Community Update We have a new Community survey! Last week, we launched a new survey: How many credit cards do you have ? It's been about a week since the survey went live, but it looks like majority of us have 4+ credit cards. I'm curious how these numbers shake out as more members take the survey. It's only one question, so head on over and take the survey! This week's Community tip: how to use emojis! To add an emoticon to your post or reply, click the emoticons icon (or the...Read More...
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Happy Monday! The Penny Hoarder's offices were closed on Thursday and Friday last week to give employees time for rest and relaxation. We're back to work today, starting with a look at some highlights from around the Community from last week: We want to know what types of insurance you have . Take our poll before it closes tomorrow at 9 a.m. Did you know that more than a third of American households are inhabited by renters? Check out our interactive graphic to see the cost of renting across...Read More...
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Subscription boxes

Molly Moorhead
Hey, everyone! I am curious to know what subscriptions you have and how you like them, or if you've reached subscription overload. I love the idea of using a subscription to save money and ensure I don't run out of stuff I use regularly. But I also think they can become a total money black hole. The ads are everywhere! I see them for makeup, wardrobe items, razors, eyeglasses, plants, coffee, tea, beer, wine ... it goes on forever. I personally have only two subscriptions right now, for...Read More...
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So, I know for many folks including myself. During the pandemic we ate out more than usual to support small businesses in our city and considered it "doing our part." Even before the ugliness of 2020, my wife and I ate out quite a bit! This month alone we've probably spent right at 300 bucks on eating out! Don't judge me. We had a discussion about it last week and have decided to cut it back drastically and put more in our savings. We'll be preparing more meals at home, experimenting with...Read More...
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Hi, Penny Hoarders! Here's to the start of a great week. Here are some highlights from Community over the last week: We all know we need to work hard, but we also need to make time for play. Do you ever feel guilty about spending money on fun or self-care? Take our survey and let us know why -- or why not -- before it closes tomorrow at 9 a.m. The holidays will be here before we know it. How are you preparing? Check out our graphic on Holiday Sinking Funds to learn how much you should put...Read More...

Investor Clearinghouse for Invention

Hi, Im trying to help my SO get his idea for an auto product to some investors or high profile people who have a fund specifically for this purpose. Does anyone know, say, of a clearinghouse or other for something like this? Ive written a letter and have some names and addresses but Id like to know of or any ideas where I can possibly do a mass mailing.Read More...
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Would you ever use 100% of savings to get rid of debt?

Dear Penny
Have you ever been really desperate to get out of debt? I've certainly been there. When you're broke, this situation is pretty straightforward. You're just trying to keep your head above water. But it gets trickier when you actually have some savings. Do you use your savings to pay off the debt, even if that leaves you unprepared for an emergency? Or do you keep the savings, even if that means spending more on interest payments for your debt? A couple of months ago, I got this letter from a...Read More...
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What is the best Website for coupons and deals?

Forum: Save Money
Alen Morgan
MySavingHub is your budget friendly partner in trying times of cutting up expenses and having the opportunity to live a wonderful life. From honest product reviews to amazing discount offers we offer you a full flash saving service which is light on your pocket and easy to use. With no hidden charges and no lengthy process, get all the amazing discounts and deals by redeeming our coupons for whatever service you need.Read More...
Hope everyone is having a good week! I have a parenting money question: When do you plan to (or did you) talk to your kids about investing? I grew up in a house where I was taught to save my money, and I’m grateful for that. However, we never really talked about investing. As a result, investing for me has mostly been limited to my 401(k). I recently opened a Robinhood account to invest in an ETF via the dollar-cost average method. (I know a few bucks a week won’t make me rich, but you have...Read More...
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Hello, Community Members! I hope you have big plans for Labor Day. Here are a few highlights from the last week: First, anyone looking for a work-from-home job should check out this graphic in the Resources section. It highlights 32 companies that let employees work remotely . Does your company allow remote work? Next, The Penny Hoarder's own Grace Schweizer wants to know how you are handling personal style while saving money during the pandemic . Share your shopping tips! Finally, Robin...Read More...
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Are there any * legitimate * wfh jobs??

Forum: Make Money
Manderz Panderz
I've always written content for textbroker, but like other content mills, I'm finding it just isn't worth it to slave over an awesome article all day (that I can't even keep the rights to) all to make $5-8. I applied at a few 'chat agent' remote jobs that I was SURE I had it in my cards to to the second interview on BOTH and answered those questions flawlessly. In both cases, I got a generic email saying they were going to pick someone else... I have a long work history of customer...Read More...
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lily rose
Since international travel on pause, people have turned to explore their own backyards . From the U.S. to Canada to England, Europe, and New Zealand, people are getting in cars, campervans, and RVs and heading out on road trips. After all, it allows you to social distance while still getting outside! Today, I’ve invited my friends Mike and Anne from HoneyTrek to share their RV tips and advice. They’re full-time RVers and will help you get your next RV adventure started easily and on a...Read More...
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Is it ever OK to hide money from your partner?

Dear Penny
Are there any situations where it's OK to hide money from your spouse or partner? I'm not talking about setting money aside because you're planning a surprise. Does it ever make sense to have a separate account that your partner doesn't know about? I ask because I recently got this letter from a woman who discovered her husband's secret bank account. I'm a big fan of having a joint account for shared...Read More...
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Possibly Idiotic Credit Question

Forum: Credit
Glen Warner
A few weeks ago, my apartment managers informed all of the residents that the apartment complex was being torn down and rebuilt, so we had to be out within three months. I found a place a mere 16 minute walk away that was (pretty much) perfect. I filled out the application, paid this, that, and the other fee, got a glowing recommendation from my current apartment managers, and everything looked good ... and all that was left was a credit check. I (foolishly) thought I would be fine, seeing...Read More...
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It’s been a long 18 months. In that time, our lifestyles have changed, our habits have changed, our needs have changed, our bodies have changed and our budgets have changed. Thankfully, my shopaholic days are behind me, but I do still enjoy playing around with my personal style and putting together outfits that make me feel like my best self. It’s a form of expression I value, so I budget for it. I’m still working remotely, so I don’t yet need to revamp my work wardrobe, but I am tired of...Read More...
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To keep the Cash or pay out the Cash?? That is the question!!

Forum: Credit
A.J. Young Jr
Hey ya'll! So, i've had an issue for many many years when it comes to keeping and saving my cash, or using that cash to pay off credit cards. I I know, that it has much to do with how I was raised. I'm not by any stretch of the imagination wealthy or well off for that matter in my opinion. But i did manage to save a few thousand bucks, but i carry some cc debt. It's about $4,300 right now. I generally pay the minimum payment and occassionally will do a bit more. I wrestle with...Read More...
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SS spouse benefit

Forum: Retirement
09/01/21 Dear Sir or Madam: I have read your forum “Social Security Spousal Benefit Rules Every Married Couple Should Know”. The reality is not so pleased. Both my wife and I are 71 years old. She got retirement at her 65 and got a little SS retirement benefit. I knew I would get maximum amount at my 70 years old. So I got retirement last year. My amount is more than twice of my wife’s. Naturally, I claimed SS spouse benefit for my wife to increase her income. However, the clerk of SSA said,...Read More...

Community Update

Happy Monday! Can you believe we're closing in on the end of August? Here are highlights from Community last week: The U.S. is experiencing the greatest spike in inflation since 2008. We want to know what line item in your budget has made you do a double take this year. Check out our graphic with some stats on gas and let us know in the comments . Nicole Dow, a senior staff writer at The Penny Hoarder, is already planning for her budget for holiday spending -- and even for summer expenses...Read More...
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How Far in Advance Do You Plan for Big Expenses?

Forum: Save Money
Nicole D.
So it’s still summer, but I’m already thinking about Christmas presents. More specifically, I’m thinking about what I’ll be getting my daughter, nephews and other family members and pricing out things. I want to be able to spread the costs over a few months rather than stressing over a bunch of last-minute purchases in December. I’m also thinking ahead to next summer. I’m putting all my monthly child tax credit payments into a savings account to use for summer camp 2022. That said, I know...Read More...
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