3 Effective Steps That Will Help You Sell Your Car

It may seem quite easy to sell a car. Many people think that you need to create an ad and buyers will call you all day. However, the reality is quite different. There are a lot of cars on the market and you may try to sell your car for months. In order to help you with this problem, we gathered these three effective steps that will help you sell your car.

1. Set a price thoroughly

Before you start selling your car, you should monitor the market and compare prices for cars of the same model and the same age as yours. It is necessary to take into account that many sellers are trying to set a higher price. However, the real price at which the car can be sold is most often lower than the numbers shown in the ads.

If your car is not too old and there are few damages, it is more reasonable to invest in and bring the car to a salable condition. Costs pay off on sale. If there are a lot of malfunctions and their elimination will cost a pretty penny, it is easier to sell your car for cash at a reasonable price. In this way, you will get rid of the car quickly and without hassle.

If you repaired a broken bumper, replaced chassis parts, or a clutch before selling, you may want to put these costs into the price. However, you need to understand that the buyer shouldn’t pay for negligent operation. After all, he or she didn’t break the bumper, worn out the tires, and gouged the front suspension on your car. Doing a pre-sale repair, you bring the car in an attractive condition for the buyer and nothing more. This means that the price shouldn’t be higher than the market.

2. Take good photos

The more information a car buyer gets from a customer, the higher the probability of a sale. You should remember that the car should be clean on photos. Moreover, high-quality photos showing the car from all angles including the roof will increase in buyest interest.

You can also make some detailed shoots of thresholds without corrosion, gaps, or new tires. The more the buyer knows about your car, the better. If there are defects on the body that will be revealed during the inspection (scratches, dents, cracks in the plastic), they should also be photographed, otherwise, the meeting with the buyer may be short.

3. Write a description of the car

Describe the pros of your car and don’t be afraid to indicate a few minor flaws. Such an objective approach makes a good impression. It will be easier for you and the buyer to reach understanding if the description honestly reflects all the key features of the car. It is also worth mentioning that auto was stored in the garage, if so. However, it is not recommended to write about the replacement of units. For example, installing a contract engine is definitely unnecessary information. Since it was necessary to change the motor, it means that the car often breaks.

Many sellers list the replaced parts and think that if the car has a lot of new things, this is an indisputable plus. However, most buyers think that the mention of numerous replacements means something bad. Since a lot has changed, then the car is constantly breaking down. If you want to emphasize that you take care of your vehicle, you can write that the car is technically sound and doesn’t require investments.

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I recently was an intense car shopper and I can tell you one simple thing to do. Clean your vehicle, inside & out. Pay that $150 to have it professionally detailed. It will make a huge difference in what people are willing to pay.

Be honest and upfront with what is broken instead of getting me there and then only after I try things do I find out they do not work. If things are replaced I view that as one less thing that I will need to get replaced in the near future. That is a plus, not a minus. Cars once they hit a certain stage/mileage are going to need things replaced, I’d rather see receipts for work done than to take your word for it.

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Lesley Kay, I agree with you 100% about the cleaning of the car. We always buy used cars and over the years have looked at many that were absolutely disgusting, inside and out! I remember one that had half eaten lollipops and all kinds of trash inside and one where the owner had a dog that shed its hair all over the inside! At the very least, you should clean out trash and vacuum it.

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