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Happy Friday! Whew! Where has this week gone? Here’s your weekly round up of announcements to get you through today and into the weekend... We’ve crowned our November Member of the Month. Join me in congratulating Lisa Acu ñ a (@lismox) for being selected this month’s winner! We all appreciate your help around here, Lisa. Each month we look to crown a new winner. We’re looking for someone who is super helpful and active in the community. Each winner receives a $25 gift...Read More...
I was very impressed with the video. Congratulations to @Adam @Moore Income and @KellyFromKeene ! Great Job!Read More...
Great video! Very nice work!
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Robert Kiyosaki

Forum: Investment
Is anyone (preferably someone with lots of experience in this area), familiar with R. Kiyosaki? He has a couple books out, Rich Dad, Poor Dad. I was looking into his investment strategies which he says are very simple and anyone can implement them. Are his strategies integral? Do they work? Still interested in clarifying the facts..thanks for any feedback. I want to invest money but in a sound & solid way...Read More...

Vet Bill's and saving

Forum: Save Money
Toni Mccall
You can save a ton of money in vet Bill's by going to your local feed store or Tractor Supply store. You can purchase deworming, flee control, and they usually have low cost vaccinations a couple of times a months.Read More...

making money online

Forum: Make Money
Hey guys!... i was wondering if you guys heared of this Trading/Investing program... It looks like a great way to become debt free,financially free and have the time to do the things you would love to do in life and i just wanted a few opinions to make my decision on it!Read More...

Legitimate Work from Home

Forum: Make Money
Robyn Garrett
Hey all, I am looking for a legitimate work from home gig. I have lupus so it's hard for me to keep a part-time out of the home position. Not looking to do surveys, looking for admin work, i.e., typing documents, data entry etc. Does anyone have any info that would be helpful? Thanks! RobynRead More...

Credit cards

Forum: Debt
Herdercine Nash
I am 80 years old.I have let myself get deep in credit card debt.My house is paid for.I owe 20.000 MasterCard and 25,000 American Express.I am paying the monthly payment s on both of them.Will the credit Card companies ever forgive the interest or is there anything I can do?Read More...
@Herdercine Nash I am sorry that you are so far in debt. It's true that bankruptcy wouldn't be the answer at this point. There are some good reputable consumer agencies out there that will work with you on reducing your credit. I've seen one on the television several times. I believe it is Credit Associates. There are some acquaintances that are in their 60's and 70's who had their amounts due dramatically dropped, as well as the interest rates lowered. They were totally out of debt in less...Read More...
I am so sorry about your situation. That is a heavy load. Only a few things to suggest would be first, do you have any reasonable expectation of being able to pay them off? If you have been a good customer for years, perhaps calling them and asking them to drop their interest rates could be doable. If there's anything you bought with the credit cards that you can return/sell, now is the time to do it. I wouldn't worry about bankruptcy really because at this age, it's probably not necessary.Read More...
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