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This week’s Community Announcements 7.10.20

· in Announcements · 3 replies S KellyFromKeene Moore Income
Hi everyone, I hope you had a great week! Hopefully you were able to enjoy this past fourth of July weekend. Though I know this year’s celebrations may have looked different for many of us. I hope you and your family have been safe. It’s been great continuing the conversation with you all here in the community. There were a number of great questions and comments in community this week: Here are a few threads I’d love your perspective on: @karen robinson wrote it after returning from a...Read More...

What we're talking about...

Community Buzz

Become a programmer

· in General Discussion · 1 reply Maryann
Hi I wanted to tell you about my programming job and how you can become a programmer. I like science and math and finally got a computer job 20 years ago after previously being a secretary for 20 years - believe me it pays a lot more and I don’t have to participate in an ongoing beauty pageant at work. If you like computers even a little I would give it a shot. The only downside is having to fit in with the high income nerd culture - but since companies really need programmers they are open...Read More...

States and changing rules

· in General Discussion · 9 replies S A lismox R Veronica
How is everyone dealing with the changing COVID rules? We are isolated, then we start reopening with merchants having restrictions, then our governor puts new restrictions in place due to COVID spikes. My family is beyond stressed out. Help!Read More...

Hello new members!

· in General Discussion · 348 replies Veronica Wallet Squirrel Fredia Stills M serina jally
Hello and welcome to the new Penny Hoarder Community! My name is Briana, a Social Media & Community Strategist at The Penny Hoarder. I'm in the process of paying off credit card debt and establishing a healthy relationship with my finances. I'm also saving for a long-awaited trip to Greece next year!Read More...

How do you deal with mooching family members and friends?

· in General Discussion · 40 replies S R S R A
I was listening to a podcast where a guest who recently came into money was asked how she deals with mooching family members or friends. It got me thinking about this a lot! As you've gotten your finances in order, have you personally experienced this? Whether it's the friend who only reaches out when they need an extra buck or the family member who can't seem to get it together, I was curious to know how you all deal with friends or family who mooch off of you. Does anyone have any special...Read More...
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