Older Family Member - Living Alone may no longer be an option

I spent 10 days out of state at the hospital bedside of an older family member (early 70s). There is no spouse or children and they want nothing to do with their remaining siblings. There are several nieces that will inherit when they pass but I’m the one who will handle all the affairs. Currently the relative in staying with me while they recover but may need or choose to stay permanently so they do not have to be alone.

Currently they rent an apartment that costs just over $1,500 a month. If this becomes a permanent situation, what would you expect them to pay to live with you?

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Wow, that’s a tough one! It would really depend on the circumstances- ae you expected to care for them? Are they giving up their apartment? If all it is is a roommate situation, splitting rent and bills makes sense, but again, it all depends on what they need, what you need, and ya’lls relationship.

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good morning i have to agree with you kellyfromkeene its a tuff answer and i hope your able to get answers to this question


Who is the “they” and "them"you refer to? And how much is the ill person paying?
It would depend on what the person receives as income…ss, disability, pension, in other words, how much / month are they bringing in. You would have to be declared as the guardian of this person in order to get legal documents and banking from them. I don’t think it would require an attorney, but would check with their sources of income. Does this person

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