I am so done...

Maybe someone can help me understand how people think or just dont think at all??

Ive been going through some health isuues the past 8 months. We do have good medical insurance through my job, so thankfully not too many out-of-pocket expenses so far. I have been out of work for several months after two surgeries and ran out of sick pay about two weeks ago. We are okay with my husband’s income but Im being super tight with funds in case I need more (hopefully, hopefully not) medical care.

The thing is, I had a family member ask me for money to help them buy furniture. I was speechless! I literally said nothing in response. Why would you ask me that when you know all that Im going through? I am so anxious and stressed out about my health right now and youre putting this on me?!


Sorry to hear about your health conditions and surgeries. People do not think! Some days it seems as if they wake up and think ‘if she can afford to not work then they must have extra money, let me see if I can get some’…

Hope your recovery goes smoothly.

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People can be thoughtless and selfish so perhaps it was a case of just not realizing how much you are going thru. Just ignore them no need to feel any pressure to finance someone elses lifestyle.


I am sorry that you are dealing with someone so selfish or clueless right now. I’m sure it is hard! Keep strong and take care of yourself. New furniture is not an urgent need.


My mother, who lives with me and pitches in a very small amount toward the rent (I cover all other expenses including her cell phone on my plan), recently asked me if I should get a raise at work, would I “lower” her rent? ? People can feel entitled, but we don’t need to indulge.


That is rough. If their situation is tight, I’d be tempted to suggest they try Freecycle or the free section of Craigslist. If they just expect folks to give them cash because they’re entitled, “No” is a complete sentence.