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Hi My Name Is Megan! I Am A Single Mother Of Three Awesome Children! We Were Very Unfortunate Though When My Youngest Daughter Was Diagnosed With Brain Cancer Four Years Ago!! She Has Now Been Cancer Free For More Then A Year Now! I Thank GOD Every Day That She Is Now A Healthy Young Girl Who Is Finally Getting To Enjoy LIFE! We Are About Loose Are Home That We Have Lived For Over Ten Years Now Because There Are To Many Outragous Medical Bills Pouring IN.


First things first. You & your children need a new place to live. I
understand that you would like to stay in your home. But, the truth is that
at this point it’s not possible. You need to call your city, village,
county etc. & tell them you & your children need immediate temporary
Are you getting Medicaid? This is a savior when all else fails. You will
get enough money for at least good for your family.
As far as medical bills- the most important thing is that your daughter is
doing well . The next thing is to get a print out from the hospital for all
your daughters charges. Then, contact the hospital for a hospital
negotiator. Yes, there is such a thing.
Right now; just concentrate on your children, food & obtaining a new place
to live temporarily.
We are all behind you.
But you have to start the new changes immediately.
Best of everything

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Thanks so much for sharing @satinivy. I agree with Judi – reach out to the hospital(s) for all your outstanding medical bills and see if there’s any way for forgiveness or a way to make payments manageable. This helped my father greatly after being billed for heart attack treatment (he had no income at the time). Medical forgiveness also recently greatly helped one of my friends who ended up in the hospital with some life-threatening conditions due to diabetes.

Hope that helps!


Reach out to a HUD certified Housing Counselor in your area. (Google it to find the closest one.) There are all kinds of assistance that you may be eligible for, including holding off forclosure! I would do this right away. We are trained to help out in situations similar to this. It all depends on the type of mortgage, the area you live in, and other circumstances.


Hi Megan i had first stage breast cancer, my Medicare would not pay any of my treatments so i found out our hospital has a forgive bill where they have raised money to help people like me, reach out to your hospital and see if they have this program sending prayers you get help ,glade to hear your daughter is doing well


For budgeting help, take a look at Miko offers free resources and there are articles and videos to help you. I love watching her review real life budgets (from all walks of life). I’ve found it quite helpful.

Good luck!


First, let me say. I hope all is well with you and your family, Illness effects all and creates a serious amount of strain on the family. They say God will never give you a cross larger than you can bear, but it doesn’t say it isn’t a real challenge! May God bless you and yours!
First, your credit is already in the toilet. You have nothing to lose by “Settling” your debt. Contact your credit card companies and see what they can do for you. You might be pleasantly surprised. A day on the phone could make a difference. Understand settling debt comes with a tax burden. Be sure to get help with your taxes. You might be able to write off some / all of this burden, so check with the IRS.
You never said if you own, buying, or rent. If you own or are buying, check into bankruptcy for protection. If renting, talk with your landlord. They may be able to help you with a reference or recommendation on where you can go. Perhaps offer to work on other units to get caught up. If no, nothing lost.
Check the web for medical charities and ask your hospital if they offer services, Again, nothing lost, nothing gained if you don’t try.
If you are a VET, check with your local veteran office. They are pros at this kind of stuff. If not, check your local churches. Sometimes, they can offer help.
Consider checking into opportunities like building superintendent or building manager. Many of these offers free or reduced rent.
Hope this is a help and Good Luck!