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Just wanted to say hello, I am @lostnlife81 aka Laci. I’m a fan of the website Penny Hoarder and today I joined the community. I have a passion for numbers and even more so for saving money. I’m 38yrs old and have two sons 15 & 9. Life’s been tough for us but we are hoarding our penny’s and doing what we have to until things change. I’m currently w/o a job and looking for something I could possibly do at home while raising my children. Any ideas I would greatly appreciate and welcome. Thank you!!

Have you thought of providing before and/or after school care for a few kids with working parents?

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Lost - N- Life81,

Since both of your children are school age. I would suggest working at school. Some districts allow you to work with no college or prior teaching experience. You will also be a part of one of the strongest unions, contributing and receiving matching funds. While the pay is not the best, (Corporate is better) you will be at a school where your children attend, you will get to know the teachers and children your kiddos are with everyday and your children will reap the benefits of you being around. Most teachers retire with $3000- 4000 dollars a month. You will have off during the summers and work the same hours as your children going to school. Dress is casual so no huge outlay of money for clothes.


I have but it’s a little out of my element as I have always done administrative work but I will most definitely give that thought well more thought, thank you!

You guys are absolutely right I’m going to start looking harder into this, thank you for the informational thoughts about this it’s so greatly appreciated!


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Welcome to the community @lostnlife81! I hope you’re able to get some great advice! And definitely share your tips and experiences as well =)

Hi Laci @lostnlife81 Welcome to the community. You are definitely in the right place to get advice and answers!

Welcome @lostnlife81! Glad to see you here.