hello i would like talk to you about making some money

hello my name is julie and i am interested in making some money i am new at
this job and probably sould weird sorry i am a little nerviceand exited i
have been a stay at home mom and cant wait to make first check or how ever
this worlds lol anyways i hope to herer from you so we can chat more about
first jobs and money

Hi Julie - I’m not sure if you know that you posted in an open forum. Not sure if you are directing this to someone or were just posting a general comment.


What are you looking to do? If you have children, it will be limited as a lot want a quiet office (your boss or yourself) BUT it can be done. Start by looking at Penny Hoarder’s job board, Rat Race Rebellion is another. Check out Sarah Titus, too. Good luck! Once you know what you want, you can also check out Indeed.