Hello I’m new here but have followed Penny hoarder for a while. I currently work full time right now Monday thru Friday 8-5. I hate it. I’ve been working these 8-5 type jobs all the time and I’m just tired of it.I’ve never ever gotten fulfillment from a job away from home. I would love to be able to blog about my hobbies and things I’m passionate about but have no idea where to start. The thought of having to keep up with the whole html crazy website stuff scares me but I’m so tired of this job I have. Can anyone give me insight? I’ve read so many blog tutorials I’d love someone who’s done this before and actually had success could tell me step by step what I can do.

I hope you will find you interest, in blogging I would love to, do that myself I have searched on websites. But most of them want money to join.

If you’re serious about wanting to blog and make money I’d start learning everything you can about affiliate marketing. Check out or You can learn some stuff from free on these sites but to learn more you’ll have to purchase the classes, which aren’t necessarily cheap.