Have you ever considered blogging as a side hustle (and your next retirement investment)?

Hey Hoarders!

I’ve been pondering a lot lately about different side hustle strategies to bring in some extra side income each month. I’ve been incredibly inspired by successful bloggers who have managed to take their hobby and turn it into a profitable business, raking in thousands (and sometimes tens of thousands) each month.

I’m interested to hear from other bloggers who have used this strategy successfully and whether they have any insights into how to make it work?

I recently wrote an article about Blogging as a Side Hustle (and why it needs to be your next retirement investment). But I’d love to hear your personal thoughts and success stories!


I have thought about it. Usually, something comes up, and I don’t have the time.

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I blog, but more as an online journal than any kind of money making venture.

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I wonder how much people really make on blogging.

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@TheSavingScientist, Great idea; subject. I have often thought of blogging; have several but they went nowhere because I feel I don’t have anything of interest to blog about. I am all over the place. I am retired; on a small stipend as I did not really understand nor plan for retirement. I have been a nontraditional learner while being a divorced mother of three; had to stop out of school but returned; now have three degrees from American U, and almost a PhD…stopped out; got sick. Became an adult learner specialist; had a ball and got downsized. Reinvented myself, became an Educational Consultant, but then got sick. All my children are successful in what they do (one PhD in the group; online professor at AU). One blog website that I’m on is geared towards Internet marketing so I may start using it (had it since 2011!!).

I can write; was a writer/editor in another life. I have been writing all day with no problem, but what to blog about? STILL don’t know!! I really hate talking about myself! I am writing a book or two: “How Chemotherapy Nearly Killed Me” and “Hit Me Once; Shame on You. Hit Me Twice: Shame on Me,” a domestic abuse book (I received experiential learning credit for submitting a component on my “creative divorce”).

Best of luck in your endeavors.

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