Part time side hustle

Greetings all. I am hoping to find some side hustle ideas before I retire completely. Anyone found something they enjoy and is worth the time and effort? Open to any and all feedback. Thanks in advance!

Hi Tavi, great question and I’m curious to hear others suggestions. To provide the most useful advice I think it could help knowing what type of work you are currently doing or have done in your career. Anyways, one side hustle I have that I enjoy is being a tax preparer. It’s only seasonal and the place where I work is very accommodating with evening and weekend flexibility. But I really enjoy that every person who walks in the door has a unique financial picture and there’s a sense of completion after you wrap up each client. It’s definitely not for everyone but for me it’s been enjoyable. There are also volunteer opportunities in that field if I ever want to just give back without getting compensated later on.

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