Big Starts

Hi all - I’d like to get a big start to earning from home/side hustles/gigs while I build my dream business. I’ve just signed up with REV (transcription) and do some reselling, but my turnover is super low and slow Any other ideas on how to quickly scale my side hustles? I can’t use my car, so Uber/Lyft are out, but I’ve considered Shipt/InstaCart/Amazon. Thanks for your suggestions!!


Have you considered mystery shopping? I recently started doing it and it is a great way to earn some extra cash and also get things like a meal for free.

I am assuming you can use your car to drive places just not for delivery or ride-share correct?

There is an app by that pays when you complete small tasks at different stores. Depending on where you live, they can sometimes have quite a few tasks and I have earned quite a bit completing those.

You mentioned doing reselling, that is a good one, but it does take a lot of time and effort. I have recently started searching for and reselling discontinued items as there is generally a much better profit margin in those.

Hope this helps!


@moore.income, thanks. I will look into those. What are a couple of examples of the profitable discontinued items and where are good places to find them? TIA

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@michelle.mollard There are quite a few products that I am looking for currently.

One example is “Commodity Gold” a perfume that was discontinued. People have been finding it at TJ Maxx and other stores. It can be purchased for about $45 and sells on eBay for around $150 to $200

There are many other items, I would recommend checking out “Thrift to Travel” on Instagram as well as YouTube. She was the one I first saw doing this and she posts regular BOLO’s (be on the lookout) and other helpful tips.


That’s a helpful suggestion, thanks so much!