If you started Gig working to supplement your income, pay for a vacation, home repairs etc. What system if any, did you use to make sure your money doesn't get away from you???

On the advice of a friend who recently started Door Dashing. I decided that I would try it and weigh the pros and cons. I actually like it! It allows me the flexibility to work when and how long I want to and the extra cash is nice. Not to mention I love working alone. I do think that with the way fuel costs are, I’ll have to really track what i’m spending on gas minus my time and money I actually make. My wife and I both work full time and we’ve done ok with saving. But we’d really like build our emergency fund quicker, vacation funds, and of course our retirement. She’s not really keen on me trading time for money, but I think she now sees the bigger picture. I think as long as we make sure that the extra money is allocated for specific reasons, then it’ll work fine.The money I make actually goes into a separate account that I have and I won’t be touching it. I’m curious to know if others have done this kind of work and whats your approach, in terms of tracking your money, and staying focused with the extra cash. Thanks!


My first piece of advice for anyone starting is to keep money in a separate account. It looks like you are already doing this so great job!

Second, make sure to track everything. Track your income, miles, fuel purchases, car repairs, oil changes, etc. All of these could possibly be used as a tax deduction so you want to have a record of them all just in case. (I use an app called Stride to track miles and income and it works great)

I personally like to track lots of other data about my deliveries so I know how profitable they are but that is not a requirement.

Taxes are a big consideration and if you are earning a certain amount, I believe you may be required to pay quarterly.

As far as the money is concerned, I have found that setting goals for exactly what you want that money to achieve is the best way to keep yourself from just spending it frivolously. (And keeping it in a separate account helps keep it from getting lumped in with your other money)

When it comes to maximizing earnings with deliveries, I always tell people to at least try delivering for every delivery service available in their area at least for a week.

I have found that different services allow me to earn more (and this varies by location).

For example, Door Dash was my lowest earning app for the time I spent and for a while Uber Eats was way better. Now however, I have been making more delivering groceries for Shipt (from Target) and for Spark (from Walmart) than I can make with any of the Food Delivery apps. (However, my Dad who lives in a different city has better luck with Instacart than Shipt).

It is just good to at least try the different apps, and if you keep tabs on your miles and your hours, you will start to see which ones are more profitable.

I am currently a stay at home dad so I can only work evenings but even with a limited schedule I am still able to pull in around $1,000 a week by being selective with the apps I use.


Thanks for the information


Does anyone know of a legit work from home with data entry on entry level of experience?

If you can give me something to hold onto so I can pay off my credit cards that I had to use for meds. food, etc. It took me 20 years suffering in 24/7 pain. And I am here to tell a it is hard with things they are.


@moore.income that is great information! You’ve given much to consider and the other apps you mentioned I have vaguely heard of, but i’ll be looking into them as well. Thanks a lot sir.


@aj.young.jr Feel free to message me if you have any questions or concerns about any of the specific apps. I would be more than happy to share my experience with them.


That is excellent money, @moore.income. BTW, is your child a girl or a boy?


@sthom I agree, especially since I am able to make it on my own schedule.

I have a baby boy (Enoch)

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Thanks for the tips!