Has anyone done the doordash job?

I’m wandering if anyone has done the doordash to make extra money? I’m thinking about it. But I need a little more insite about them. Like the taxes, reporting to social security, you know the important things. I’m not sure I can do it for a main job but I need to make extra money for the holidays.


As far as I understand when you work for DoorDash you are a 1099 employee. So you’d need to pay taxes on it at the end of the year. I have 2 1099 positions that I have to do the same with. That being said I think you can also deduct your mileage and gas, so keep good track of those things. Also I don’t think you have any social security taken out with DoorDash, but again, I could be wrong. Good luck!

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Yeah I knew about the 1099 deal. Just not sure of ss. I can’t do it all day long cause I have issues. But I’ve got to do something to help with bills and holidays. SS is what I’m on and I don’t want them to think I can work a regular job cause I can’t. I seen something about doordash being sued somewhere over missing tips. Was hoping more knew about it or maybe even do it.

SSI lets you earn a certain amount each month without upsetting them. You need to consult the Red Book for the exact amount or contact SSI.

Leslie Kay, What is “Red Book”? I’m on disability and working very part-time. I was wondering…