Pay bills on fixed income

I am looking for a way to make money on the side because the $522 a month I make on disability (which I waited 3 years for) will find me literally homeless.

Screenshot_2019-10-12-00-58-38~2Any suggestions please?

I am not trying to cheat the government I am just trying not to be homeless

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It’s hard to give much advice without knowing how much more you need per month. There are a lot of companies that hire work from home customer service reps. There are things like online surveys. Places to sell stuff like eBay, Mercari, etc.

It really depends on how much you need to make.

Wendy the program is called TICKET TO WORK.

Hi Wendy, I was in your position at one time and what I found out is this you can legally earn up to $750.00 per month doing part time employment. I also know that you can make money by using your talents whatever they are and only pay back to the government in social security payment $1.00 - $3.00 back into your account. Unless they change this particular law for SSD and SSi Recipients.


I know people on disability. They have to reduce their bills. They only survive because they can get food stamps and a section eight apartment. Plus other people I know have lived with someone for a reduced rent. Some cities have low cost disabled and senior apartments.

Although I have heard that getting section eight is hard but it is even harder to find a landlord who will accept it. Even if the landlord doesn’t have it you can always ask them. Right now it is a guaranteed income for the landlords with other renters having difficulties paging their rent.

I myself am trying to reduce my bills as I get ready for a retirement without savings.


Can u pet sit? Walk dogs? Babysit? Sell things on eBay? Work as a temporary for an agency? Sew masks? Tutor?

Pet sit? House sit? Offer to drive people or pick up groceries for people. Tutor? Sell things on eBay? Make crafts to sell bake? Become a notary? What are your strengths?