i want to make money blogging

Hi, Pennyhoarder
I have a lot of respect of the amount of rich content you guys produce, all these blog post are so much helpful.
I’m very passionate about blogging, but I have many issues is I don’t have a capital to start or what type of blog niches that makes more money. Also, I need help to make money online legitimately. Please, provide me with good list of sites that I can make money quickly.
I’m interested on these categories to make money working on…
-social media manager

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Blogging for money isn’t easy. You don’t just start blogging and the money comes. You generally have to get a following and try to get them to click on ads, or use referral or affiliate links.

But, the best advice is to blog about what you are passionate about such as cooking, watching movies, reading, traveling, photography, crocheting, whatever. Just be knowledgeable about it.

There are online opportunities, but quick money doesn’t generally happen. This site has many articles about how to earn money from home.

Good luck.


Inbox dollars is an easy site to make a quick $30. The first $30 is easy at least. It is surveys, games, internet searches, etc. Survey Junkie is another survey site and lets you cash out at $5 each time. Cambly is an online ESL site where you chat with people all over the world to help them learn English. They provide lesson plans and info to help you be successful. They payout every Monday at a $20 threshold.

I too would like more specific details on how to start blogging. I hope that someone posts with more info to the positive. With some specifics so that we could give it a try! Everyone’s success level is different.

See @jeremym’s comment about blogging what you know about ideally. You probably want more detail about blogging that can be provided in a short post by anyone here. There is so much information out there about “blogging” by just doing online searches. I think if I wanted to do that, I would also look/study the blogs I enjoy most.

@tarek101 you mention wanting to work as a social media manager or proofreader. Take a look at remote.co, flexjobs, indeed, and other sites. Or just search for those job titles. Oh yes, also SideHusl.com. And then, always check what’s available in the PennyHoarder work-from-home portal.

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@tarek101 - I agree with what others have said. Blogging for money is hard; I tried it and it didn’t really work out.

If you want to blog for money you also have to have solid subject matter and an idea for how many times you want to post during the week, topics for each post, etc.

If you’re really serious about blogging for money you’ll want to look into affiliate marketing and SEO (search engine optimization).

I’d also recommend wordpress.com as a platform as well as bluehost.com.

Good luck!


Thank you, lismox

You are absolutely correct.

I have to have a solid knowledge of knowing what it means to blog especially if you still new to the game. I believe that I should read more about seo, social media marketing, and advertising as well to rank on Google. Link building also, play big role…

For blogging help- I’ve found Making Sense of Cents to be really helpful. Check out Sarah Titus, too.