Easiest Way I Make Money Blogging

I am not your typical run of the mill blogger. I don’t follow the rules. I write how I want, about what I want and don’t miss a single view of someone who doesn’t like what I say.

I don’t write the stupid long posts about how I found a certain recipe. I read one and after 5 lines I scrolled to the recipe. My finger stopped the scrolling at a point where the writer stated after he had sent his family and friends on a scavenger hunt throughout the house looking for this recipe, I had to stop reading and find another recipe. Those drive me and many others freaking crazy. I love the “jump to recipe” buttons. If they don’t have it, I find another recipe. Turns out the reason they do it is for word count. Advertisers want a certain word count. I wish they understood that more people dislike the stories and ignore the ads then they dislike the hike in gas prices. So, with that being said, let’s get to the point.

The Point

the point

I find my own sponsors and advertisers. Social media is full of desperate direct sales/mlm women wanting to get their business out there. They want it where no one else is their competition. It’s a struggle out there for everyone. So, I tell them their ad will be in at least 3 blog posts a month, and the post is shared in all of my social media platforms. I also have a special menu button the is labeled "sponsors’ so readers can just click and see who is there. They pay me a monthly reoccurring payment. I advise them that they will have their ads removed if the cancel. I am petty and have done it. Then if they want back in there is another fee of $120 on top of paying for 6 months in advance. They know this before agreeing to being a sponsor. I just like the reaction they have when I remind them.

Let me share with you what you could possibly make when blogging by your own rules.

You get 10 sponsors. I would charge $20 a month.Thats $200 a month. More when you add more sponsors. I make more money doing that then using affilaite links.

Happy writing!! Follow me for more ways to make money.


That is definitely a unique approach to making money on your blog.

Most people focus on affiliate links or advertising but it can take a while to build up enough traffic to make money from those.

Your approach seems like a pretty straightforward way to monetize a blog.


That’s not a bad approach, especially if you’re writing about things you enjoy. I’ve attempted a similar approach in the past. I found it took quite a bit of time to find and convince the advertisers that were a good fit my arts/entertainment blog. Longterm sustainability was difficult as well. But that was 10 years ago (wow, can’t believe it), so I’m sure the digital advertising landscape has changed quite a bit since then!

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Thank you for sharing your tips and insight. I am figuring out my writing niche.

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Thanks for your input, @carrie.kay

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Makes sense to me.