Passive Income

What are your passive income tips?

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I am interested in knowing about this as well.


Investing in dividend stocks is the easiest way to start. Also creating content online is really affordable way to start blogging, YouTube or Affiliate Marketing. If you like products you can create a dropshipping store through a site like Shopify. Get creative and do something that matches your personality.


Thanks! I do have some ideas regarding blogging. Not sure how you can make money from blogging or if people still read blots.

Yup! Blogging seems to be one viable option.

Investing is the best one.

I am getting ready to try my luck at doing more blogging and YouTube to try and build a passive income stream that way.

Also, in the future, I hope to find ways to make my reselling biz more passive.

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Yes. I have already started investing. I am also going to continue working on my blog.

So do people still read and write blogs?? I want to talk about fantasy sports, but not sure how I can get my message out.

Apparently blogs are in…

Leon posted:

So do people still read and write blogs?? I want to talk about fantasy sports, but not sure how I can get my message out.

Yes people still read and write blogs and that would be a great way to get the word out about fantasy sports. Fantasy sports players are always looking for info and advice on their teams and the players.

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The best passive income I have ever invested in was rental properties. I know it can cost out of some peoples price range at the moment without long term saving but I have a hack to speed up the process. If you are lucky enough to own your own home you can list for roommate(s) to offset your mortgage. This is a great way to reduce your expense. Another way is co-living homes. Look for people that are looking for roommates. Keep in mind if you are saving money every month compared to what you are living now. You are making money. Saving more money is money in the bank so you can buy more passive income.



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