Making Money While Staying Home with the Kids

I am a stay-at-home mom. Have been for almost 11 years. My “job” consisted of raising our kids. Making dinner and making sure my husband has food and coffee for the day. I didn’t really think much about working from home. I started blogging about 7 years ago. I was really good at it and then this pandemic hit. Just like everyone else in the world, we had to stop what we were doing and tr to figure out this new way of life. The fact that this hit our oldest child hard because she was in school one day and didn’t go back, I quit writing. I shut down all my blogs and focused on my family.

Now, I am back in the game. With all my experience in finding easy ways, and not so time consuming, to make money, I compiled a list of that I have done and am doing.

1: It is not really making money per say. But saying money in a cash back way. I use IBotta, Fetch and Checkout51. You submit your receipts and earn cash back. You can have it deposited or get digital gift cards. What I am doing is saving up the cash back for an AMAZON Gift card. Not using it until Christmas. Then shopping on Amazon for all my gifts.


I know it isn’t a lot, but it is not meant to make you rich.

2: I don’t do them often because they do take a bit more time but doing surveys on your phone. You can totally do it while pooping. Or hiding in the closet. The most popular one is InBox Dollars. If you do an app search or Google search you will find many.

3: Since I am a homeschool mom, I look for fun ways for my kids o learn. I set up a website to for other homeschoolers. On my site people have paid access to my kids’ reading books out load. It is a great way for them to become better readers and entertains other kids.

4: The thing I do to make extra money is for other business owners and writers. It is pretty easy but not for everyone. I say easy because I taught myself how to do it. The reason I make great money doing this is because others do find it not easy. But it helps their business. I make landing pages. What is a landing page? It is a page customized to everything you do. It has clickable links to all your side hustles, or in the case of writers, a place where people can find all your writings. I don’t charge a lot and the fact it is more personal than other sites that offer the same thing, I make great money.

Share your ways of making money while staying home with the kids. Aso, follow me for more fun ways to make money.


All great money making ideas! Thanks for sharing! I love using Ibotta, not only does it save me some money on things I already buy, but they sometimes do freebies or other great discounts that allow me to try new things.

I combine that with apps like Fetch and other apps that pay for me to share my receipt to maximize my savings at the grocery store.

I use one receipt app (Amazon Shopper Panel) which gives me $10 per month if I scan 10 receipts. It is an invite only app so I had to wait before they gave me access, but now, as long as I submit 10 receipts each month, it more than covers my cost for my Amazon Prime subscription especially since I split it with my mom.

Writing is another great way to make money. I did some freelance writing when I was a teenager. My mom would get various writing jobs and then she would pay me a portion of what she got paid. I also got paid to write a few eBooks.

I am a stay at home dad currently so I stay home with my son during the day, but in the evening, since she is home, it allows me to go out and work for various delivery apps which works great with our schedules and it allows me to get out of the house.

Another money making thing I have been doing for a long time is reselling. I buy stuff from thrift stores, garage sales, or even sometimes online and I flip it for a profit.


can you share your amazon shopper panel link in private message please?


@carrie.kay sure thing.

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There are some other apps out there like Drop, Dosh, and Rakuten that are good for cash back on things you were going to spend on anyway. I know Rakuten has a $30 app sign up bonus right now, which is a nice extra.

More on the side hustle side, my favorite is virtual bookkeeping (of course, you have to like numbers). Another way to help small business owners.

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Thanks for sharing. I am constantly looking at ways to make side money.