Legit at home JOBS

So I do several different things to make money other than a full-time job.

For instance I make about $400 extra a month with an app called Field Agent. I am also active on upwork, freelancer, Amazon Turk, clickworker, and a walk.

I don’t get me wrong, I make fairly decent money. But the downside is I have to always be on the go. I’ve no time for myself or my wife.

I am 53 years old and I’m tired. Does anyone know a legit company hiring for data entry from home. I can also do transcripts, research and other computer related tasks.

@byron.smith Check out The Penny Hoarder’s work from home job portal.

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Dear Byron, this is something really good I read in the past few days. I have started writing about money. Please do check my first blog at www.richoneout.com.

Wow. I really salute you for continuously looking for ways you can provide for your family.

I could see that most of the side hustles you do really require much time, effort, and energy and now you want to spend more time with your family.

I, too, have my own side hustles like part-time jobs. One way to earn more without putting so much energy is I rent out tools or stuff that I don’t use on a daily basis. Say, a chainsaw I once used for a home project or stacks of chairs for my kid’s birthday.

If you have this stuff, these are your tickets to having that passive income. You can check www.MyGarageRentals.com to list your items. Peer-to-peer rental shop so it’s local-based. It’s free to list so there shouldn’t be any concerns.

Have your checked www.transcribeme.com ? You could make a lil money there.

You can try to get some money in the portal inbox dollars this site has many activities, to start they give you 5 dollars for registration.

This is the link: