Living off $720 s month

I’m 37. I’ve been living off of Disability for 16 years now. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2004.

So over the past 16 years, let’s just say I’ve acquired so debt over that time.

First thing! I tithe! $72

I have 4 store credit cards and one visa credit card

VS Card, Express Card, Stage Card, one more cant remember. Approximately $420

My insurance is 134.00 a month.

i give my daughter $60 a month for her insurance

i have Foodstamps - $120

Also, Medicaid health insurance.



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I’m so sorry for your struggles as that is definitely not a livable amount of money. I assume someone else pays rent/mortgage? You didnt mention a car so at least you don’t have those expenses too. What about utilities? If someone else pays for your shelter, utilities and you have Medicaid, then your bases are covered. Then I would suggest also going to food banks so you can stretch your food dollars. They are a great help. In the winter you can see if you qualify for utility assistance. I believe its called LIHEAP and you can find out about them in your area. I’m not going to tell you not to tithe if thats what you are set on continuing. And is your daughter working or about to start working? Once she is, you can stop the health ins payment to her as she will hopefully have a job with benefits or at least be able to get marketplace healthcare. You can then take the 60.00 a month you were giving to her and save it for yourself. It may not sound like a lot but 60.00 a month will be 720.00 after a year which will be a one month emerg fund and thats better than nothing. I wish you well.

How about a part-time work from home job?

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@kkimberly I am so sorry to hear of your struggles. I have to say that this was quite similar to our situation back in the 1980s and '90s. My wife could work part-time, but I couldn’t keep a full-time job at all. I had to keep jumping from job to job, and at times had to go out on my own and collect cans by walking the sides of the backroads and highways, dumpster diving and living off of that, my wife’s meager income and the income from the aluminum cans and batteries (car) that I would find and recycle. Of course, that was then and we only made a total of $497 a month average. We were living with my in-laws at that time, and it was a struggle. I’m so glad to hear that the first money paid out is the tithe. The Lord won’t bless and stretch your income if you’re not faithful to him. It’s all HIS anyway. I would recommend the strictest of budgets, buying only what you need in cash. Use an envelope system if that will help. Medical expenses, should you have any, can usually be worked through with your physicians help if you are straight up with them from the beginning. As another poster asked, does your daughter work? Even working part-time as a babysitter, bagger, fry-cook at a fast-food establishment, etc. can help. Some of these jobs offer health insurance after a short period of time. And, also, as someone else suggested you could work on from home for a legit company. I know many who have done so. Being disabled, many WAH jobs are open to helping the disabled to work.

I will be praying for you and your situation. If there is anything else I can personally do to help as far as advice, leads for work, etc., please feel free to contact me via PM.

Wishing for success for you and praying for blessing,


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Yes ma’am. I know I am Bless that my utilities are covered. Home is paid for. Car is paid for.

I was more less asking for opinions. So I Thank You extremely Bc it showed me I was being kinda ungrateful for the moment. Thank You

How old is your daughter? If she is of working age she could/should be paying her own insurance.

Tithes - I am sure this is very important to you. However, you may need to relook at whether or not you are in a financial decision to continue tithing. If this is non-negotiable with you - then you need to get your money’s worth. Look to the church for assistance. Maybe they can assist with pantry items. Maybe they can assist with an electric bill one month and you can use that money towards debt.

But you do need to remember that 4th credit card. Is the $400 just total debt? If thats the case, if your daughter paid her own insurance you could be out of debt in about a year. If she paid her own insurance and you ceased tithing for 6ish months, you would be out of debt.

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@katie.olynick, not to be argumentative, but to some TITHING is the reason for God’s continued providence in their lives. One can continue to tithe and expect GOD to provide because he says he will. It could be that KKatie has other things she can still live without. Hope you’re having a good weekend.

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It sounds like the biggest budget busters are the credit cards… 52.6% of income. Have you thought about consolidating those total balances into a lower interest personal loan for a fixed time period and/or sought help from a legitimate Consumer Credit Counseling service to lower the interest… and payments?

@ray.taylor.tetreault, that’s one of the best things she could do. I’ve never tried the Credit Counseling service, though both my wife and I worked in that field for a short time after we were married. Of course, back then, it wasn’t as highly regulated as it is now, and people didn’t always get the best advice, though we always tried to get them the best advice possible.