How to Reduce Unnecessary Spending for College Students

Here are some practical and easy tips that college students can follow to get rid of those extra expenses:

*Create a spending plan and stick to it.
Make good use of those writing skills and create a budget planner.

*Distinguish between “needs” and “wants.”
Do you want that mouthwatering steak because you’re hungry? But hey let’s not forget that we’re on a tight budget so why not munch on that meat patty instead?

*Adhere to your spending plan.
Prepare your own food instead of going out to eat. Still thinking about the steak mentioned above? Nah,forget it!

*Instead of purchasing software, get freeware.
The internet is never short of apps to try on,just increase your patience and ad tolerance kiddo!

*To help pay for a portion of your tuition, apply for scholarships. If you can’t invest on expensive things yet, why not stick to improving your “brain thingy” first and get that scholarship!

*Rather than buying name brands, opt for store brands. As the saying goes, “if you can’t afford it, then forget about it”.

Thanks that’s a great way to save and help I’ll share this with my granddaughter

It’s been my pleasure ma’am

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Your generosity is much appreciated; I will be sure to pass this information along to my granddaughter.

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