Saving for College

Hey guys! Any tips on how to save money for college? I currently am saving money through a part time job, but want to hear yalls input! Thanks!

I don’t have any tips, but good for you for starting to save an plan for it!!!

Keep working and saving and choose your college wisely. Student loans are NO JOKE!

If at all possible avoid student loans.

Since you are working, see if your employer offers tuition reimbursement.

What I did was get a job that was somewhere in the field I was interested in. My employer paid for all my tuition. They even arranged my work schedule around my school hours.At the end of it all, I owed them time on the job in exchange for all the schooling, but that was just fine. Guaranteed a job. For example, a nursing career can take you just about anywhere you want to go in nursing, even psychology. Start with an AA in nursing, get a job in that field, let them pay for you BS and then onto a masters.

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Mr. Meyerson, Redcatcec has some great ideas. I believe that establishing savings requires two things. First you need to establish a goal, then write the goal down and put it on your mirror to look at it every day. Then write down some action plans to accomplish that goal. The second thing you need to do it put together a spend plan or budget that includes your monthly savings goal. The secret here is to pay yourself first, in other words put that savings goal away in your savings account first before you spend any more of your money. Pay yourself (or your goal) first. So let’s say you want to save $10,000 for school over four years of schooling. You would need $2,500 per year or $209 per month in savings. $209 goes into your budget. If you need more or have more time to save, the math is the same. What I tell parents who want to save for college is that as soon as their child is born that savings starts so that they have 18-20 years to accumulate wealth. You may not have that time frame so the savings challenge might be harder, but if it is your goal then take action to make it happen.

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The first and foremost thought is, keep a part of your salary or pocket money away from your expenditures, whatever is the amount.

Make a monthly or a weekly budget and set an amount for that particular period. Follow up and punish yourself if could not make it, by paying the double of the same amount which you have spent extra to your piggy bank or saving locker.

No money to buy books. Walk into the library to watch out on your needs. It may be your other home and you will have a lot of friends there as books.

Understand the difference between urgency and necessity. If you genuinely need something then only buy it otherwise dropout the non-essentials. I have seen many people buying 2-3 phones within a year. Just waste of money.