Checking Account Balance

Minimum Checking Account Balance ?

How much money should you keep in your Checking account after all your regular bills are paid?

I have extra money in mine and collect a whopping .71 cents in interest on it and I could be earning much more.

So how much extra do you keep in your Checking account after bills are paid?

Thanks for the help…

I don’t have a set amount, but it is usually between 100 and 200. The rest is in a savings account, and I can transfer it if I need to.

that what i do i leave 400 hundred for my pull out of car payments

I was just curious because I have way too much money parked in my checking account and the interest it pays is a joke.

I can put it in a high yield savings account, still have access to it anytime and collect over $250 a month in interest on it.

So I am definitely going to move it out of that account into a high yield savings account.


If I have an unexpected expense I can put it on a credit card, then pay that in full after I tranfer money out of the savings if needed.

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