Best credit card for travel rewards

Does anybody have a credit card they LOVE for its travel rewards? I’m looking to open a new one soon, and would like to be able to put points toward some upcoming travel I’m planning this year and next.

I like my Marriott credit card. Earn points for free stays.

I love my Marriott credit card. Points get earned which go toward free stays.

I’m told by a close friend that CHASE Sapphire Reserve Card is excellent…

I’m working on qualifying for it.

I have just recently started exploring more into travel cards as my wife and I plan to do a lot more travel in the near future.

I got a Discover Miles card when we went on our honeymoon but the rewards are really bad in my opinion and after putting all our travel on that card, I think we only ended up with about $25 worth of points.

My wife recently got an American Airlines card because they were offering a decent sign up bonus. It gives points on purchases and also some perks for flying with the airline such as a free checked bag. The only downside is it does have a yearly fee of $95 (waived the first year) and since we don’t fly American that much, I am not sure if we will keep the card or not after this year.

I personally do not have any really great travel cards, as @margaeli mentioned, the Chase Sapphire Reserve is one of the highly promoted ones but I do believe it is not the simplest to obtain and they do charge a pretty hefty yearly fee if I recall correctly.

I am also interested to hear from any other members who have good travel cards!