Building Credit Score

Hello! I found out the hard way that the credit bureaus will close your accounts for non-activity and it’s all legit. This week alone, I had 12 Dept. of Education student loans closed on me by Experian. When I called, they started arguing with me. Then, they drop your score because you show a “thin” credit file. What can we do about this?

Not sure what is happening here. But credit bureaus cant close your account. Only Your creditors can.

As E Allen stated, the credit bureaus absolutely cannot “close an account” they only report what is given to them. If you had several student loans that are inactive/paid off or other inactive/paid off accounts, they will eventually drop off your credit report. The score dropping because you show less accounts than you did before is a part of their credit score algorithms that have been in place since FICO and other credit scores were developed.

If you want to increase your credit score there are many good hints and tips within the Penny Hoarder website on how to do so.