car warranty

Is a car warranty worth purchasing? Cost $3500 for 24,000 miles. Used car 2017 Kia Serento,70,000 miles.

You have to weigh the odds of whether or not you think you’re going to need more than $3500 worth of work on your car within the next 24k miles. A 2017 is almost new, I can’t imagine too much going wrong with it if you keep up the maintenance. To me (and this is me), I would rather put $3500 in an account and keep it in case something does happen, if it doesn’t then you still have $3500.

However, one thing about me is that I’ve never spent more than $2k on a car, so if I had $3500, and something happened, I would just go get another car. Regular upkeep and maintenance allows me to keep my cars for several years. My car before last I spent $900 on and it last me for 4 years. I can’t complain about that at all.

Yes! It has saved us every time we have bought a used Truck. Once we didnt and it landed up costing us $6000.