Consolidated my High Interest Credit Cards. Should I cancel all my Credit Cards or Keep for Emergencys

I recently Consolidated $7000.00 of High Interest Credit Cards for a low interest once monthly payment for 36 months. What should I do now? Should I Cancel all Credit Card Accounts or should I at least keep one Credit Card for Emergency use only?? I plan on retiring in 36 months with no Debt if that is even possible.


If you are planning on buying a car or home , you may want to keep the cards and just not use them. Cancelling cards, especially ones you have a long history with, will decrease your credit score by reducing your length of history and also your available credit.


What is a good way to retire with no debt at age thirty five?

Thanks that advice helps out alot


How do you get financing for credit card and or auto loans

I recently had some friends advise me that I should try to use my credit cards occasionally and just pay off again, but to always use them a bit, to keep my credit score up, is this true?

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I wouldn’t use them at all. Because you will be back in the same boat. Paying those credit cards plus your consolidation loan will double your debt. It will probably lower your credit score because now your credit usage has increased. My credit score went way up when I consolidated. I use one credit card sometimes.