Credit Cards and Credit Scores Suck!

Here is an example of why it is crazy. Just over the last 12 months, my score has gone from 737 to now at 816 and the ONLY thing that changed was my balances.

Same perfect everything else, just balances changed. I wish I could go back further, it would show where it went from 805 to 650 then back up to 816.

So somebody that saw it at 650 would think I am not that good a risk but a few months before or now I am in the 800’s and they would love me.

Its insane…

Screenshot_20230223_120630_Credit Karma
Screenshot_20230223_115904_Credit Karma

Like your post it’s what I do once a month check my score

I wish Credit Karma would show your score graph for longer periods of time.

I could show how it went from 805 to below 650 with a somewhat large (Relative Term) purchase and how payments and things changed it until now at 816 but they only go back 9 months, it SAYS A YEAR but mine only went back to May 2022 to now, May is not a year, its still February on my PLANET…LOL

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good day i also wonder why it doesn’t stay for one year???