Credit Cards and Credit Scores Suck!

Credit cards and credit scores suck. They seriously need to change how the score is calculated so that you can actually ENJOY the privilege of having credit and not be penalized for it!

I have noticed that any debt will lower your score and any debt 7% or higher will really hurt it.

Example, a card with a $1000 credit line, if you stay under 5% to not drop your score that much, you can only spend $50 DOLLARS!

$50 DOLLARS, thats NOTHING, a tank of gas, dinner maybe.

They need to put more weight on other factors and less on credit/debt ratio.

That way you can use up to 75% of your available credit and not have your score crash.

Some will SAY if you use less than 30% you are fine.


You score falls with any use, and if its over 10% it falls more.

What good is it to have $20,000 in available credit only to have your score crash if you spend $5000 of it!

The way they weight credit/debt needs to be changed to allow you to enjoy the work it takes to have credit.

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I went over that 30% credit usage a couple years ago. Oh, how my credit score DROPPED to new lows. I’ve climbed back up to around 700, but I miss the days of being in the 800 Club. I’ll be back one day!

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Exactly, I was at 807 and made a big purchase.

My score dropped to 680! I did a balance transfer to avoid interest, and it killed my score.

I have slowly been getting it back but it will only go back when my balance is below 1% of my credit.

Even if you have 100K in AVAILABLE CREDIT if you spend any of it your score plummets!

People deserve to use their credit without being punished by their score getting killed.


But really, what is a credit sore but a measure of managing credit. So you can obtain more credit. Created by the credit/banking industry.

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kellyfromkeene i agree with you

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The current score system with so much weight going towards debt/credit ratio it is a no win situation.

Even with a perfect 850 score, and a $100,000 in available credit, if you use a tiny $10,000 of your $100,000 available, 10% debt to credit your perfect 850 score will fall hard.

They need to simply put less weight towards it.

I understand it can be an indicator of financial problems or living beyond your means but as long as you never miss a payment it shouldn’t matter.

An excellent credit score is like having a LAMBORGHINI without an engine. It looks nice but its not very useful.


i have to agree with you

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Hi @irishnanny , I think we get on at the same time each morning :slightly_smiling_face: hope you have a good day today!


Good Morning Kelly i think so to, i try to get online before work lol you also have a great day


I am officially back in the 800 club…

I am hoping it will reach a new high after my payments for January posts.


If your in the 800 club go to my 800 club and post up.

Search for 800 club using the search feature at the top.

Not sure how to link to another post here. I tried what normally works and it didn’t so any tips on that would be great.

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good morning rick.campbell i am also in the 800 hundreds and only using my cards to pay bills not buying anything i don’t need


@rick.campbell Congrats on being back in the “club”! I’m a year or two away still, but making progress.

Here’s a link to your other Topic:

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Ty for the tip! So copy the URL from the browser, I tried the SHARE and it just takes you to the community not the specific thread.

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I use Credit Karma and 2 others to watch mine.

Check your score when all the zero balances hit at its highest and check it again when you have your bills on them at the highest, and see how much your score changes.

To be honest I have to many cards. I have to go out of my way, plan and track when I used each card last. If you don’t use them they will close or lower your credit limits so I have to track, plan and rotate cards to make sure they stay how they are.

It gets frustrating at times but so far sogood, knock on wood. I hope I didn’t jinx myself…lol


Hi Rick i use Experian

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I have several but by far my favorite is Credit Karma, it is easy to use, you can dispute most things from the app and it gives you your score DAILY so you can see how things change.

Example, your score is 750, your balances are all zero, then you make a purchase on a card, as soon as they report that balance it will show and you can see how small, medium and large purchases impact your score.

You can also see how payments, lowering your debt/credit ratio impacts it.

It is also free. Just a thought, I have most of the others too but just like Credit Karma the best, its simple and easy to navigate and use.


Yes, I love Credit Karma. I know it doesn’t have the same rating as the ‘official’ ones, but it’s great to get an idea of where you are, monitor for any unusual activity on your credit, see balances in accounts, and know what needs to be worked on AND how it all affects credit score.

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Good morning :smiley: I am reading these post and thinking I need to check out your credit score on Karma thanks for sharing

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I agree totally. I am so sick of credit scores. They are a waste of my time to be checking them all the time. No matter if you pay all your bills on time, never late no collection etc if you change in how much you use or if you get a new card it plummets. I am so sick and tired of credit scores.

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