Credit collections

I have an old debt from 2008. It has already been charged off my credit reports years ago. The debt was sold to a collection agency. I have not received a collection letter in over 4 years. I just recently received one. Can they send one now after all this time? Does anyone have any experience or knowledge with this situation? Any help is appreciated.

wow no i have no idea, but i’m sure some one will help you good luck

I’m having a “kinda” similar issue with an old timeshare situation. I have no idea where to start to resolve this. I’m gonna post a question later but want to follow up with your responses. Good luck.

Hello, my real estate teacher told me that an older debt like the one you are describing does not affect your credit score. There is no use in paying it. They will not give you a point or anything good for paying it. The fact that they are still trying to collect from you is just how the collection agency that the debt was sold to works. I wouldn’t worry about it. If anyone has anymore or different information about these types of debts please feel free to let us know.

Here in Massachusetts, if you haven’t received a bill in 2 years and Then you get a bill… you Doing have to pay it at all. That’s the rule And the Law. I don’t know where You live but That May be in Every State. That happened to me for a bill that I got After I knew about the 2 year rule And so I paid Half and never paid the Last Half and They Never bothered me again. I don’t know where you can find out about that. Maybe a Free 1/2 hr consult with a lawyer (They All do that) and discuss this with a Lawyer for free. Good Luck to you! But it Sounds like they are desperate due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and you’re Not the Only One!

I don’t think you have to pay that. Here in Massachusetts there’s a Rule/Law that may be for all States that states…If you haven’t received any Bill in 2 years and Then you get one… you Do Not Have to Pay It. I had gotten a bill from a Collection Agency that I’d Never Gotten Before for $180 so I paid Them Half. Then I heard about this Rule and Never paid them Anything again and they Never heard from Them Again. You may want to make an appointment with a lawyer for a Free 1/2 hour consultation to see if that applies in Your State. Good Luck to you ??

I live in NH and I think that the time between bills has to be 3 hears which this is, I will wait and see what happens next.

I updated my credit profile to get my address corrected and my timeshare fell off of my credit report (04/2020) and hasn’t reappeared. It’s a simple way to get inaccurate items to get off of your report. You just have to make sure that you dispute the old stuff after your address updates. Takes about 10 days.

I would love to know how to make address updates. There are a couple of addresses on my report that are inaccurate.