Credit Score Drop because Mortgage Sold

I got an alert today that my credit score dropped 12 points all because my current mortgage was sold to a new company and I had nothing to do with it.

Will my score go back when the new loan is added or will it drop again or how do I fix this. I should not have my score suffer because those jerks sold my mortgage to another company!


I believe it. Your score also drops if you pay off your mortgage. I’m assuming it’s only a temporary drop.

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Seems to me like it is being treated like the mortgage was paid off which would cause the score to drop.

So I would assume once the new mortgage starts reporting, it should hopefully go back up.

Thats exactly what is happening so I hope it does. Imagine having 20 years of perfect payments on your mortgage then it gets sold. Being the oldest account it would hurt a lot. They need to hsve a way to do this to keep the age and history of the original loan.

This is not fair to consumers.

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