Debt consolidation help in Canada

I have close to 50k in debts, almost half of which is student loans and the other half credit cards. I recently got my first good job since relocating to Canada as a skilled immigrant almost 8 years ago with 4 children, and am trying to be more financially strong.

I heard on radio about debt management nonprofits (in the US) that help consolidate one’s debts, but have not been able to find any in Canada.

I also heard that with debt consolidation, one can get credit card debt renegotiated and reduced with better payback terms. My bank says the best they can do is give me a loan to pay back my credit cards with about 10% interest instead of the 19.99% of credit cards. That wasn’t the best I thought I would get.

Please can I get any suggestions on how I can get debt management support in Canada (British Columbia)? I am really worried because my credit score is being affected negatively by late payments.

Thanks in advance.

I wish I could help (!), but I’m living in the states.

Any PH from Canada???