FICO score by age

How many of you know your FICO score?

How many of you track it monthly and take steps to raise it?

I have spent the last few months focusing on reducing my credit utilization in an effort to raise my score so I could not only secure a home mortgage but also lock in a great low interest rate. I was able to raise my score above 780, highest it has ever been which was a huge success for me considering I still owe over $125,000 in student loan debt.

I found this graph that depicts FICO score in the US by age group.

Where are you currently? Where would you like to be?

What steps are you taking to get you there?


That is interesting to see where folks are at when it comes to credit scores.

780 is impressive! I was getting mine up there but then I started using my credit cards more when I got married and so it went down.

I have been able to get it up to 735 recently so I guess that puts me in the 14% for my age group.

My new goal, to get into the 2% thumb


You’re almost there! Good luck on the journey. Let me know what steps you take…


Paying off my credit cards completely is the first step I am taking (should be there soon) once that is done, we will see where my credit score is at and then I will have to figure out any other strategies to increase it. Car loan would probably be next and once that is paid off we will be debt free, so looking forward to that!


FREEBIEPHARM that is great my scores is 520 some thing

@moore.income that is awesome

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@bonnie.squires a lot of us have been there with lower credit scores so don’t be discouraged. From what I’m reading here at PH you are doing great things to get your ducks in a row and the results will be worth it!