Financial Illiteracy

Financial Illiteracy is an epidemic problem in this country. We don’t teach our children even the basic ways to manage money correctly even though money is the single source of living and being secure. I am a spiritual man that believes in God and His ability to provide, but we must understand that the resources we have must be managed with true thought and applied with basic understanding of living within our means, understanding compound interest, and saving for goals and emergency needs. We need to bring personal finance into our schools and into the work place so that we as individuals and collectively as a country we can prosper. Financial literacy is good for all and would allow our country to grow to as a stronger nation.


Yes, totally agree kids should learn the basics of personal finance in school and financial literacy is good for all!


Yeah… I wish I learned more about personal finance and less about parabolas.


Yes, true, kids should be taught about handling/budgeting finances in school, starting in the 7th grade and it should continue until high school graduation. Then businesses’ that offer I.R.A.‘s and 401K’s, and various other retirements should have an 8-hour day set aside to discuss the benefits of investing the employees’ hard-earned money for retirement. IE company brings in a Certified Financial Planner/Advisor to explain everything and answer any question(s) one might have.

Lots of people have and or don’t know how to budget their money, young and old alike.

My kids had a 6-week course in the 12th grade and it was a waste of time for them.

I hope this makes sense and that I have not offended anyone on P.H.'s.


i agree its always great to learn early and keep learning


Why can’t the parents teach? Why would you want a teacher, who has debt to teach? Just asking

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Welcome to the community @heather.p.albert! I think parents can teach kids a great deal about financial literacy (thankfully mine did). But not everyone’s parents are great with finances. Some structured coursework to support financial literacy is only an added benefit in my eyes.

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