Fund my home

I was introduced to a grant fund my home , I would like to know if it legitimate.

Would need more information. Who offered the grant? The government does not give out grants. Does it seem / feel/ check out legit? Have you done the research? Checked on the email address, without clicking on links etc?

Definitely something you should be very careful about. Those types of things a lot of times turn out to be scams.

Would need more info to give my own accurate opinion.

I have never heard of anything like this and like the others, would be very cautious. Please do your research before giving out any information.

The info I have is the only money I will put out is $24 for credit report, in addition I will send my 2 years W2 and 2 months paysubs.

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Iam reaching out to everyone plus do my own research to find out if this is legitimate. In addition they had asked me to be an associate to recruit other applicants for the grant. The website is

The site says that you have to use their realtors and their lenders. That’s a red flag for me! They say that they are a 501 (c) (3) organization, but I would want to verify that. I don’t see why they would limit your choice of realtor and lender. It could be that the ones they use have higher interest rates. I would be very cautious.

There are legitimate grant programs available at any given time throughout the USA. I worked with several programs like that in FL for buyers. In our area the grants were usually available first come first serve for a specified time frame, there were usually income limitations , and they were funneled through mortgage companies and banks.

Rather than take a chance on a website, I’d recommend calling a local mortgage company or bank and see if there are any grant or bond programs active in your area.

I can think of some reasons for them to specify you must use their Realtors, title companies etc; one being their preferred “partners” may have agreed to reduce their fees.

If this is legitimate, your local lenders will also know about it and if they do not, I would steer clear for now.

Carine, I did some research on and here is what I’m perceiving is going on. On their webpage when I click on “search homes” I’m directed to a page that ties the website to United Realty Group, Inc which is a real estate brokerage located in several US states. I looked them up at the FL Dept of Professional Regulation and they are a legitimate real estate brokerage in south FL.

I believe instead of linking up with a specific grant program you would actually be linking up with United Realty Group and that is why they are committing you to agree to work with only the Realtors recommends.

I don’t think it’s a scam, but I don’t think they are making full disclosure about what is actually happening here. My guess is is affiliated with only, or is, United Realty Group. You can obtain exactly the same information by contacting bank or lenders in your area that will be privy to any open grants or bond programs without an agreement you must work with any particular Realtor.

Not all mortgage companies or banks will work with bond or grant programs, but enough do that you should be able to find one in your area if there are any available at this time. There is only so much funding available for this type of program, but when money is exhausted under one program, another usually pops up in a short future, depending on the state participation.

Here is a link I ran into that will explain how the grant and bond programs work and this link is more transparent than I hope you are able to take advantage of down payment assistant programs in your area!…-assistance-programs