High Limit Credit Cards

I was wondering if anyone can recommend some HIGH LIMIT CREDIT CARDS that are not insane on their requirements.

High limit I would consider to be over $10,000 and NOT be due in full each month, can carry a balance and pay minimum payments.

Obviously I don’t expect a $20,000 limit with a 400 credit score. But some are really simple, some are insane such as Chase 5/24 rule, some I hear are worse, 3/24.

Thanks for any tips.


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What does 5/24 and 3/24 mean?

Chase bank has this rule and I hear others do. Its 3 new accounts in 24 months or 5 new accounts in 24 months, if over that its an automatic denial for too many recent accounts.

Here is more information on Chase Banks 5/24 rule. Hope this helps, I had no clue banks did this but in hindsight it makes sense.


Hope this helps.

I recommend Citibank and American Express for high-limit cards. I’m not a fan of Chase either.

I hear good things about Navy Federal Credit Union

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Navy Federal Credit Union is fantastic, but NFCU doesn’t budge a whole lot when requesting to increase one’s credit limit.