How Much Does a Hard Credit Check Ding Your FICO Score?

I am getting closer to buying a condo, and I want to keep my FICO as high as I can so I can get the best mortgage deal for my situation.

I want to apply to Care Credit to have some dental work done, and I am sure they will do a hard credit check. How much will that one hard credit check reduce my FICO score? Will that amount significantly affect my FICO score and my mortgage deal? (FYI, I pay all my bills on time and carry no debt of any kind.)

Can anyone advise me?

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How close are you? Really, if its in the next few months and you can wait to have the dental work done, I would wait! My realtor told me not to do anything that would affect my credit before I purchased my condo. No car, credit cards, closing accounts- nothing. I always paid my bills on time and was otherwise in a good spot.

Good luck!! How exciting!


Speak with the dentist about your situation and see if theyll allow you some cash payments weekly until you’re clear to apply for the Care Credit to cover the rest.

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