Is there something you regret buying?

Everyday we make decisions on what we think is just right to purchase, no matter how much it costs. Have you regretted spending your money on something that did just not work out?

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I’m not often about the regrets, but I will say that when I was doing consulting, I landed a state contract and it was very good money. I was thrilled! With my first pay from them, I purchased beautiful diamond stud earrings for myself- I always wanted a pair. Not long after that, I became very sick, couldn’t do the job and had to forfeit the contract. Other things hit at the same time, yadda divorce yadda cancer yadda, and I ended up selling things for money to pay rent. But I refused to sell those earrings! I still have them. So… should I have purchased them, no. Should I have sold them, yes! But I do enjoy them nonetheless.


I don’t think I have any giant purchases I regret. It’s more all the little things I’ve bought over the years that have really added up, i.e., the stuff in my closet that I’ve worn once, the UberEats meals, subscriptions I’ve barely used, etc. I could have afforded more worthwhile splurges had I not wasted 20 bucks here and there. Live and learn, though!


We bought a used car from a dealer that we hated it within 2 weeks, they would not unwind the deal (buyers remorse), even before 3 days were up. Their game was bring it in repeatedly so the mechanics could go over it and fix the complaint, The problem was the backseat passengers were treated to a virtual ride in a cement mixer but with outdoor scenery. The front seat ride was a bit better, but not much.

The second regret was buying a car from a private sale, should have spent the money on bringing our own mechanic. The seller claimed he was a mechanic himself and there were no problems, yeah right. Paid $1,500 for the car and $1,800 in repairs.




As to the 1 from a dealer check into lemon laws in your state.


All the things I have only used twice or thrice. Small or big purchase, if their value won’t serve me a long time, it’s money wasted. I should have rented instead.

Aside from saving me money, I may have more space at home.


I used to come across a lot of people who bought things they regret buying. I myself made more than a few purchases that ended up gathering dust in the closet. So, I decided to write this article to help others think about products more carefully before buying them.